Listing Status not showing up properly

I have 2 new listings that I created in GS and uploaded. They are on eBay and I have confirmatory email about that. BUT in the Live view, they do not show up = says “Not Listed” == but I have another that i also created this morning that is on eBay and is listed and shows up as such in Live view. I have done the update listings thing and also renewed the token.

Please see this thread for a solution:

I downloaded this and opened to use it and still didn’t work = got the following message when I clicked on the little arrow under Item Number

This listing ((null)) has been removed, or this item is not available.
Please check that you’ve entered the correct item number
Listings that have ended 90 or more days ago will not be available for viewing.

I now have 3 listed items that won’t import to GS - they have item numbers and on one I received an inquiry – there’s nowhere to input the ## either.

This is still happening = I just tried to do an Update all listings and when it didn’t work on the 3, then clicked on the arrow in the Live window to go to the eBay site to get the item number and got the same message

Did you just click on the arrow icon or did you drag the item from the “import from eBay” panel and dropped it on that arrow icon as shown in Ilja’s video in this post?:

Regards, Kristian

I tried to click/drag the icon and it opened the page “listing has been removed etc.” - it doesn’t allow clicking and dragging or showing any nbumber

If you select “File > Import > Import from eBay” all your listings from eBay will be shown in a separate panel.
You can now drag a listing from this panel to the “Live” inspector. Drop it onto the arrrow icon as shown as in this short animation:

This way it lets you associated a non-runing listing in GarageSale with a running or ended listing on eBay.

Does this work for you?

Regards, Kristian

the list of items shows up fine and includes all the items - I checked the 3 missing and did the import = those three came in fine BUT only one came in ‘highlighted’ - the rest still have the icon showing not yet listed. When I click on those two they both say Not Listed Yet

There’s no need to import them.
I’ll try to provide you with a more detailled video tomorrow.
Just let me know, were you able to watch this video/animation?:

Regards, Kristian

yes, let me try again. thanks

It worked — what I was doing wrong was clicking and dragging the item number to the X and not to the little arrow for the ID# — Your video was fine, but maybe make the directions a bit clearer, to click drag only to the arrow and not the X = or maybe I just didn’t understand enough. Thanks so much.

I thought I posted on this, but apparently not - I have resisted some items on eBay [not in GS] and then went to update listings and first, it won’t update and second, when I click on the little arrow and the # of item it shows the item as UN re-listed when I know it’s re-listed…

You might wnat to compare the item IDs of the listing in GarageSale and the listing on the eBay website.
If you relisted it through the eBay website, GarageSale probably doesn’t “know” this “new” listing (with a new item ID).
It’s recommended to relist from within GarageSale:

Regards, Kristian

I tried to relist one item which ended a couple of days ago = followed the info below = re-listing doesn’t show up as an option under More or even under Listing, whether I click on the item in the list of Imported Auctions or in the item itself under the imported auctions- I did verify the listing and it was fine.

Seems GarageSale things that listing was never started. Does GarageSale show an end time and a start time for that listing in its inspector?

From what I can tell in the Imported Auctions list, there’s a starting time and time remaining [ie end date/time] – I was able to resist two items = but now they are also in the list of items and the old one before listing is still there, blacked out. So, can I just delete the Finished ones that I restarted? I don’t know why the relist doesn’t just edit and relist in the imported list, but it doesn’t = it creates a new one but leaves the old one there = in any event I was able to relist =- although it said it cost 30 cents to do so in each case, when I thought relists were 0.

Yes. Also, at the bottom left corner of the relist panel is an option to move the original listing to a specified folder, e.g. the Trash folder.

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