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Hey everyone! any idea where GS saves the images? as i need to access a few to also list elsewhere…

If i do right clik and show in finder it doesnt show anything… which would be my ideal way of doing it,

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Help > Open Library Folder > ImageLibrary

Another way is to export the desired listing. If done, right-click on the exported listing in Finder and select “Show Package Content”.

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Hey mate, thanks for the reply. is there no way of making the right clikc show in finder work? as i have thousand’s of images

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What “Show in Finder” command are you referring to? Where do you find it? What version of GarageSale do you use?

Whatever the latest version is - please see attached
Screenshot 2022-07-19 at 15.34.26

Not sure if this Service-command is a default macOS option. I don’t have it here.

However, it’s not a command from GarageSale - that’s probably why it doesn’t work.

For now maybe my two suggestions work for you.

Hiya! oh right, thats a shame : re your two options

Help > Open Library Folder > ImageLibrary - wont be able to find the images, as GS renames them?? which i didnt know.

select “Show Package Content”. - this renames the images again… to image 000001 etc… so then i will need to go through and rename them

is there anway to stop images renaming?

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Ij just have to use the export for now… would love to see that option in the future though… Would also love to see GS become a hub for mulitpul maketplaces. I know others aready do this, but the way GS works is far better

Id love to see GS be able to push what you have to a live csv file ( on a server ) so i could bring in those items to other websites also. So it would provide them sites with a live stock feed.

The “Services” menu is added by macOS behind GarageSale’s back to the Preview context menu. Seems most of the items are non-operational, but so far we haven’t found a hook to prevent the system from adding those items.

No probs will just have to do it that other way of exporting…

Do you think you would ever consider adding a being able to have a csv file that would push to a live hosted csv…?

Would open the possibly of other marketplaces that allow live cvs imports etc…

Even for this reason… i used to use a plugin on wordpress for ebay sync, which means i had a website with the same stock as well…

If GS pushed a live csv… i could use a csv import software to keep stock on the website… e.g photos stock levels etc…

just a thought… i just think GS could be even more powerful that it already is…

All the best

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