'Mouse over image to zoom' not working

Hi all

The last two listings I uploaded are not displaying the ‘mouse over image to zoom’ facility on the listing page. All of my previous listings are fine. I am taking the images direct from Apple Photo as per my other listings. Can anyone advise?

Can you post links to those listings for us to investigate? Thanks.

Hi - I just re-listed one that was fine before. Now there is no option to zoom into the images:


YES!!! I have the same problem!!! I though it was caused by ebay, but if you have the same problem… it appeared 2 beta ago :frowning2: … uploaded hundreds listings, all have not the zoom…

Hi - just wondered if there has been any progress on this? My newly listed items are still not showing the zoom / click to enlarge option. Yet my listings from a week or so ago are fine. Thanks.

@machineage yes, as written I am 100% sure it appeared 2 beta ago. I hope they will fix it asap :cry:

Hi ilja - has there been any progress on this? None of my new listings are giving the option of zoom or to click to expand the pictures. This is affecting my sales. Can you give us an update? Thanks.

Same here. The zoom function on Ebay was working for me last week, then it stopped. I thought it was something I was doing. I capture the image in Raw format from a Canon DSLR at Hi-Res (6000 pixels long side). I then take the image into Adobe Camera Raw inside Photoshop, adjust any attributes, then save the image out square (2000px x 2000px) to png. Thats my workflow for images - I’ve used it for years. So I decided to debug this a little.

As I said, my images are placed on Ebay at 2000px x 2000px @ 144 dpi for retina display devices.

So here’s what I done:

  1. I copied the original images for the post, resized the copies to 800px x 800px @ 72dpi.
  2. Deleted the original images on the listing inside GS.
  3. Inserted the new 72dpi images inside GS and Revised the listing using the Revise everything option.
  4. I then went to Ebay in Chrome for Mac - Viewed the Listing - and No Zoom was available.
  5. I also tried 3 other browsers - No Zoom available.
  6. I then went back to Ebay inside Chrome Browser and revised the listing using the original images @ 2000px x 2000px x 144px.
  7. Zoom in Ebay now works

I’m using GS 7.0.7 on a Mac
Ebay’s Picture Service EPS with Enable Picture Pack Automatically turned on in preferences.

I reckon the fault is at the GS end and revising the images inside Ebay is some kind of a work around.
Not ideal but I’ll run with it for the moment.

Hope it helps some folks that need the zoom function, like myself, to work on Ebay…

Just make sure Revise Images is Unchecked when you revise the listing inside GS.:slight_smile:

Steve it’s easiest, there must be some bug into the last 2 beta versions that prevent ebay to show the zoom. No matter how you take picture… I really hope they will fix it asap since it is a serious problem…

Iwascoding sent me a beta update. They asked me to revise my listings when it was installed. It worked on some listings once I had cleared eBay’s cache & cookies in Safari. However today they are have all reverted are are again without the zoom / click to enlarge feature. Steve I just tried your suggestion and it didn’t work for me. Check to see your listings which were fixed are still fixed.

Since @Steve_MacEwan is getting this with GS 7.0.7 and we didn’t change anything about the image handling code in the GarageSale’s beta, this problem is most likely causes by a change on eBay’s website.

I open a support incident with eBay tech support.

@machineage, Just checked my most recent listings on Ebay using my work around (detailed above) and all my images are working with the zoom function.

As GS 7.0.7 did work a week ago, I did think at first that it may be a GS bug but on further reflection, Ebay UK did change some layout code on their website here so it may have caused GS to wobble a little when uploading images. Thanks for addressing the issue @ilja. GS still saves me a lot of time listing items and I can appreciate that changes made at the Ebay end can cause hick-ups, coming from a software engineering background. Hope we hear back from them soon @ilja

Ahhh - I just checked my listings with Firefox (54.0.1) and they are all showing the zoom option. None are presently showing the zoom option on Safari (10.1.2)

OK I just came back after lunch and checked my listings on Safari. They are now all sorted! I changed nothing between my last check & now. So who knows what’s going on. Ebay glitch?

Still not working here!!! Please can you say me if it works for you http://www.ebay.it/itm/Cernusco-Montevecchia-Chiesa-S-Dionigi-Como-cartolina-CAIC16-/282583530450?ssPageName=STRK:MESE:IT ?


Hi Fedege96 - your listing is showing with zoom / click to enlarge on my computer with Safari 10.1.2

Here 10.1.1 shows no zoom :astonished: Thanks for your help. Better so…

I get the zoom view on your listing when using Chrome, but not with Safari (v.10.1.2).

@ilja I use safari too and see no zoom… what can I do??

Sorry, there’s nothing you can. It’s seems ebay tinkered with their website and didn’t test their changes with Safari.