New Item Specifics warning from eBay

For the first time when listing items that have eBay (book) catalog descriptions today, I received a warning:

Item Specific(s) from the product were used instead of these custom Item Specific(s):
Format, Publication Year, Language 

It’s unclear to me whether these values overwritten are actually different, since in many cases the catalog item is identical to the values I assigned. I have no way of comparing the ones I entered to the ones produced by eBay.

I’m concerned because eBay’s catalog of user-generated entries is often full of errors, and in several cases I’ve listed a book with “catalog information” that resulted in a buyer complaint. For example, many entries I’ve seen describe a paperback as a hardback book in the catalog.

Is there any way to know if the “used instead” values are different from the ones I’ve set?

As a (very temporary) fix, I could remove the catalog entry entirely. But eBay has promised that soon I will have to add something from the catalog to be able to list these items.

Also, just a reminder: “Display listings with issues” still shows nothing when I select it alone.

I would like Display listings with issues looked at as well. I have listed this problem a couple of times without any real response.

Can you please check if the latest beta version improves in this regard:

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I should have a chance to check shortly

I probably won’t have many listings for a while so I will @Vaguery ty it for you.


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