New Search functionality in 9.7

Just love this. What a difference it will make to moving items about.


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Just found a small problem with the Search now (not the filter). When I select an item that Search has found, the Search box goes blank. If I try to go to the selected item GS gets lost. I have in fact to click in the search box again to bring the search text back up first.

If you cannot see this behaviour, let me know and I will video it for you.

Can you please check if that’s fixed in the latest version 9.7.1?:

Just the same Kristian.

Screenshot 2024-03-13 at 4.21.37 pm

I have also found a ‘filter’ issue when I tried to move an item the filter found. GS hung (see image). Unable to close it down normally so I had to do a Force Quit


PS. I should point out that I am one update behind in MacOS.

Hold tight on my last ‘Search’ comment. I may have had filter on as well.

Let me runs one tests.


It is still happening, Kristian, but maybe not every time.

The MOV issue seems to be hanging on moving a group, but I need to run more tests to confirm this.


Can you make a short video of that issue?
I don’t think is has anything to do with the Preview mode as my first assumption was - that was another issue that was fixed in 9.7.1.

Sure. It will have to be tomorrow though because I a bit time pushed tonight.


This is not a new behavior. GS has been doing this in past versions. I can’t get a reliable recreation of it to report when or what causes GS to do this

Hi Kristian

Seems OK now. Can’t replicate the issue.


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