New to 7.0.9PayPal account not linking

I am following the links story and decided the best way forward was to download a new 7.0.9 version of GS.

This worked, I opened it up and imported all my listings from version 6 successfully. Its a bit different but nothing too scary after a look around. BUT every listing is showing a warning against payment Options that the Paypal address is not specified for the account in the account preferences. I found the preferences menu and inserted my PayPal address, but it still produces the error message- against every listing

I found an earlier thread on this topic, tried the solutions, nothing works, so I can’t verify a listing to start it or schedule it.

I have tried removing and re-entering my eBay user account in the GS>Preferences>accounts section. When i do this my Paypal email address does not come through automatically - I have to type it in the accounts box on the preferences. Is this a symptom of the problem?


so, even deleting your eBay account from the GarageSale preferences and re-adding it didn’t do the trick, did I get this correctly?

Could you post a screenshot of the PayPal error message you get so we can see what you see?
Taking screenshots is done easily:
Press Command-Shift-4 on your keyboard simultaneously, then select an area with the cursor. It will be saved as an image file on your desktop. Just send me the image file by adding it to the answering mail.

Please also check if there’s everything fine with your eBay and PayPal account on the eBay website, if not done already. Does it work if you try to start a listing through the eBay website directly?

Regards, Kristian

sorry if there’s a delay - we may be in different time zones!

You understood correctly; I have tried to delete and re-add the account within Garage Sale Preferences to no effect.

Screenshot attached - You can see the payment options exclamation and the error message comes up when I try to verify an item.

I haven’t tried listing from scratch but eBay is letting me revise and delete listings without problem

I have also found that my garage Sale 6 no longer works either, I get this when I tried to list from the GS application.

So of course all my scheduled listing activity is now in limbo.

Not a suitable turn of events at this time of year!

And on another listing attempt (again from my GS 6 ) I received a different error message


That sound like a Keychain corruption problem to me. I suggest you delete all entries of type “eBay Token” from the OS X “Keychain Access” application and run the Keychain First Aid command from the Keychain Access menu.
Afterwards delete and re-add your eBay account(s) in the GarageSale preferences > Accounts once again.

Hope this helps,

Keychain Access First aid doesn’t exist on the mac sierra OS

Can you please have a look at Ilja’s post here?:

I had seen that one, it looks like the same problem. My email address (for Paypal) is showing in GS>Preferences>Accounts for both eBay and Paypal tabs. I have just been on to eBay and listed an item from scratch using their online listing tool without any difficulties

For future reference, and the benefit of other sufferers!

There is a combination of things that need to be resolved - you need keychain access permissions set on the login detail for Garage Sale within the Keychain access utility. Your Mac password is normally the one that will let you set authorisations.

Then delete the user/account details under GS>Preferences>accounts. Close GS again

Then you have to go back to the login details on the Keychain Access utility for all the eBay tokens and delete these.

At this point you should have GS application with no users, - use the + button to add your user back into the GS application - signing in to eBay as you go

then insert your PayPal address

and hopefully…

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