No inventory items after. GS6 to GS7 upgrade

After upgrading I can’t see any images in Garage Sale 7 beta 13 inventory.
Can you please help?


Can you please provide me with a little more information:

  • Were you running the Mac App Store version of GarageSale 6, or the version downloaded from our website?
  • You the inventory images in GarageSale 6 imported from a local file (or Photos or IPhoto), or are they just an URL pointing to an image online?
  • In GarageSale 7, please select an imported inventory item, which is missing its images. If you click into the are which should show the image, do you get a blue highlight? This would indicate that the image object was created during import, but there was a problem with copying the image data.


I am really sorry for the delay.
1)I was running beta 14.
2)The GS6 was from mac app store
3) The inventory images are from my local sfolder
4) I dont’ see any blue light. Th image is not there on the inventory as well as on the product.
5) I am on beta 16 now


Thanks for getting back with us. Unfortunately you have run into a bug that was lurking in the code until we fixed it with beta 16. Sorry for that. You’d need to re-import your GS 6 library to benefit from the fix. Please look at the bottom of this post for the paragraph “How you re-import your GS6 library again”:

Hope this helps.