No photo import working at all. and how do I revert to last version?

In the last year the only way I have been able to get pics from the Photos app has in GS has been by dragging and dropping them while GS in the edit mode. Since I have multiple picture libraries and the picture browser only worked with the “System Library”. None of my eBay pics are in the system library. I used to be able to drag and drop to the “drop zone” and that would work but in the last year the only place that would accept pics was by dropping them into the picture column while in the edit mode. With this update GS no longer allows me to drop any pics anywhere? Can I get back to an earlier version so I can get back to work?

That is Apple’s new version 10.13 at work not a drag and drop issue on GS last version. You need to drag and drop into a folder on the desk top and then into GS.

Hi Mrcap,

what you describe is a known issues with Apple’s Photo application, unfortunately. Please also see this post:

Regards, Kristian

I personally use ADOBE BRIDGE to manage photos, and drag and drop works from that. It used to be free, not sure if it still is, but you might need to have the latest OS to download it…


Once you no longer have a route to the photos app GS becomes a white elephant. Having to first do an export of your photos by copying them to the desktop is not a reasonable solution. This is supposed to be an Apple integrated application yet one of the most valuable basic functions does not work. At least a warning with the software update would have been helpful. I was still able to export in the edit mode yesterday so please tell me if I can revert back a version.

Please advise: CAN I REVERT TO AN EARLIER VERSION OF GARAGESALE AND IF SO HOW? If I cannot GarageSale is useless to me. The whole idea is to have a quicker work flow but instead now GarageSale is the workflow bottleneck.

Never mind, I figured out how to revert and am back able to drag and drop in the edit mode that I told you about a year ago and you ignored and did nothing about. If anyone needs to be able to use this work around, you can still drag and drop while in edit view by using an earlier version of GS that GS is apparently unaware of. I reverted to Version 7.0.7. no thanks to any response or direction from anyone at GS.

A very disappointed customer

Thanks Pete, but the whole idea of GS is to enhance the workflow not to add steps to it. An Apple based app that doesn’t give you a direct path to your photos? How did the bar get set so low that this is even acceptable?

Sorry, it seems we introduced a new bug when dragging from other into GarageSale’s edit mode with version 7.0.10 on macOS 10.12 only, while trying to fix another macOS 10.12 released dragging bug.

Fix release should be ready any minute now.

So, this version should restore dragging on 10.12 from other apps into GarageSale’s edit mode:

Please let me know how it works for you.

I am able to to drag and drop from Photos to GS in the edit mode once again from this version. Thank you.

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