Number of Views still not updating…

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Number of Views still not working/updating.

Any update from eBay???


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We got mixed responses from eBay on this issue.

Once response said ‘View Counts’ have been removed from the API altogether.

Another response indicate that only certain 3rd party clients are allowed to retrieve view counts, and GarageSale is not on this list.

If we don’t hear any other positive news, we’ll remove the view count field from GarageSale. Sorry…

OH!!! :flushed: :sob:

That REALLY sucks!!! BIG TIME!!!


What is odd is that the older listings created before 4/30 still get the info on watchers and views.

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Number of Views are NOW showing up today!!!

Using eBay USA. YAH!!! :clap: :clap: :clap:



Look what I found in my inbox today:

Anyway, I’m glad we waited and did not remove the view count support right away.

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Can “VIEWS” now be put on the dropdown list for Smart Groups? It would be a nice upgrade. Thanks for considering this request.

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