Ongoing problem with trading cards upload

Several months ago Ebay changed the way cards are listed. You are now required to use the condition of “graded” or “ungraded” instead of “used”. At the time of the change GarageSale gave an error message when attempting to upload this configuration. You could only complete your upload using the legacy attribute of “used”. I was told “as far as I currently understand, the new eBay fields for Card Condition, Grade and Grader are currently not supported by GarageSale and we have to alter GarageSale to support these new fields.” - last July!
With the last update I was told " I am sorry the new card conditions didn’t made it in 9.4.1 and I can understand your disappointment. Unfortunately, there were other problems that we had to fix first and it took more time than expected."
I just updated to 9.4.2 and the problem still exists. There is no work-around, there is a 2 step solution that requires updating my listings by adding the card condition in order to list it and then updating the “used” to “ungraded” once you fix the problem. That is twice as much work. With hundreds of cards listed that is not a small problem! When will this get fixed…as a monthly subscriber I am NOT appreciating paying for software that doesn’t do the job! - Long time user, very disappointed!

Here is a version that adds initial support for the new grading system:

Sorry for the wait.

Adding grading support was quite a lot of work for us, because of poor design choices by eBay. Instead of leveraging (or perhaps slightly extending) their existing attribute system, they rewrote a functionally identical system from scratch.

So instead of re-using the existing attribute support in GarageSale, we had to write a lot of code to deal with new APIs, to replicate functionality that was already in there.


Thank you for sending me the beta version. I downloaded it and it synced the new schema. Unfortunately it still does not recognize the graded/ungraded condition under the options.

What category are you trying to list in?

Sorry for the delay, I was out of town. I just tried to list another card and it didn’t go thru when I marked the condition “ungraded”. My cards are listed in:
Collectibles & Art>Sports Mem, Cards & Fan Shop>Sports Trading Cards>Trading Card Singles
You can check all of my parameters to make sure I am doing it right - the listing is 1972 Topps Jim Magnuson NY Yankees Baseball Card #597 EXCELLENT | eBay. Thanks for your help.

Did you get an error when you tried to start the listing?

Yes, I get the following message: Card Condition (40001) is a required field

Could you please export that sample listing from GarageSale’s file menu and send it to us?

1972 Topps Jim Magnuson NY Yankees Baseball Card #597 EXCELLENT.gslisting

If I try to drag and drop this file it says
“Sorry, the file you are trying to upload is not authorized (authorized extensions: jpg, jpeg, png, gif, garagesale, txt, pdf, gslisting, zip, mov).”

Please just compress (zip) the file before adding/uploading it here.

here it is…
1972 Topps Jim Magnuson NY Yankees Baseball Card #597 (7.5 KB)

When you click on the Condition popup, do you see the Graded and Ungraded options there? If not, did you try to update your categories? (Category 1 > Sprocket button > Update categories)

Screenshot 2023-10-06 at 18.43.06

That is exactly the problem. When I use the pull down and mark the card ungraded, I get the The error message and can’t upload. If I leave it at used, I am still able to upload.

When you choose “Ungraded” as condition, what do you set the ‘Card Condition’ popup to?

Also, does the error popup in GarageSale’s Launch Control window before you or after you click the “Start Listing” button?

  1. Under “options” I set the “condition” category to"ungraded".
  2. Under the “attributes” popup I set the card condition to one of the choices, usually “excellent” or “near mint or better”
    When I open the pre-flight window I see
    The start button on top shows the !2 symbol indicating there are 2 errors clicking it gives me the same error message and greyed out start button
    If I change the option to “used” the Card onditon 40001 message is gone, jut the Please use message remains and I can upload it.

As the warning states, do you still use the item specifics/aspects for Grader/Grade (as stated in the first warning)? What happens if you remove those?

Also, are you trying to revise a listing or starting a new one?


These problems are happening when I am re-listing an auction that has ended. The listing is new.

Not sure what you mean regarding “item specifics/aspects for Grader/Grade” . As for the grading, there are 3 things that are specified.
1.Attributes>card condition - one of 4 selections starting with near mint to poor. Choice has no effect on upload
2. Attributes>graded - choice of yes or no. Choice has no effect on upload
3. Under options/conditions - if I use ungraded I get the error message. If I use used I only get the warning.


what I meant was this Attributes panel:

Do not specify any values regarding the condition of the card here.


As I said before…

1.Attributes>card condition - one of 4 selections starting with near mint to poor. Choice has no effect on upload

If I add an attribute or not I still get the error message when under options/conditions - if I use ungraded. If I use used I only get the warning.

I think that’s the problem: You don’t need to specify the card condition in the “attributes” popup, you need to select in the “Condition Type” popup right under the condition popup.

Screenshot 2023-10-08 at 15.33.02