Pasting Return Policy Causes GarageSale 9.5 Crash

Copying the Return policy from one listing and pasting it to another causes GarageSale 9.5 to immediately crash. Attached video demonstrates this issue, which happens every time. This worked fine in prior versions.

Steps to reproduce:

1 - Create a new listing (i.e., Listing One).
2 - Edit that listing’s Return policy.
3 - Copy that listing’s Return policy.
4 - Create a second new listing (i.e., Listing Two).
5 - Paste the Return policy copied from the first listing.

GarageSale 9.5 immediately crashes.

Note that it’s not required for the first listing to be new. It can be a previously created listing - even one that is live. I just created 2 new ones to easily demonstrate in video.

Attached is a PDF with the crash log.

GarageSaleCrashDetails.pdf (105.2 KB)

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Thanks for reporting this trash. It should be fixed in Beta 3 of GarageSale 9.6. If you have the time, please check out if the crash is indeed gone: