Paypal address missing?

It seems that I am not able to list because my paypal address is missing. I have entered it in Preferences, so I do not understand why this message is still coming up and won’t allow me to start the listing.

Hi Gaelle,

are you using GarageSale 7?

If so, can you please give this a try?:

Open the GarageSale preferences > Accounts.
Remove your eBay account by hitting the minus button at the bottom.
Restart GarageSale 7.
Re-add your eBay account in the GarageSale preferences > Accounts.

If this still won’t help can you please check your account settings on the “My eBay” website and make sure that your PayPal account is connected with your eBay account there?

Regards, Kristian

Hi Kristian ,I have attached a photo so you can see , maybe it will help.I have re-entered my ebay account onto GS and i’ve checked that my ebay is linked to paypal and it is.RegardsGaelle

I have done it and it 's still not working

After filling your PayPal details in GarageSale’s account preferences, please quit GarageSale.

Once you restarted GarageSale, is the PayPal address field still filled in?

Gaelle - have you found a solution for this yet? - I think I’m having the same problem

No I haven’t. I really hope someone will help , I really don’t know what to do anymore. If the eBay fee is the problem , that means that GS can not communicate with my Ebay account . I have refreshed my token, no problem on that side . I do not understand what is wrong.
I’m totally stuck! :joy::weary:


I am now fixed and working. I put the solution at the bottom of my problem thread

Your picture suggests that your components are not communicating well rather than there being something structural wrong (On that thread you can see I had keychain and access problems - I needed AppleCare for a bit of help with those)

What you need to do is delete your ebay user details from the GS>Preferences>accounts menu and close GS down.

Then open up your Keychain access utility (mine was in an applications>utilities folder on the mac)

Look down the login list for eBay tokens (default or otherwise) and delete them. Then re-open GS and go back to the GS>Preferences>accounts section and use the + button on eBay account to open the eBay login page. Sign in with user name and password, then check to see if it has added your email address for PayPal payments. I can’t remember if this came through automatically or if i typed it in, but suddenly the Paypal error ! mark started to disappear. you can test by selecting a listing and using verify.

Good luck

It worked!!! I would never have worked that out myself!Thank you so much!RegardsGaelle