PayPal cost tracking

Is using the API credentials, thus having to have a PayPal monthly fee, the only way to automatically retrieve and insert the PayPal fees into GS?
Or is there some other GS area that I can manually insert the PayPal fee so it can get put in my reports?

I don’t sell that much and don’t want to pay PayPal fees to get the api connection just for the little I sell.


As far as I can tell you don’t need the PayPal API credentials to retrieve the PP fees. Just inserting your PP email address in the GarageSale preferences > Accounts should do the trick. (@ilja /Paul, please correct me if I am wrong.)

Regards, Kristian

Sorry, right now this field can only be populate using the PayPal API. It’s a read-only field, which means GarageSale looks up the fee of the corresponding PayPal transaction at runtime, so we don’t have a field in the order object to store an manually entered value at the moment.

How about us adding an “Other costs” field to the order object in a future version, where you could enter any fees related to your item?

I would much enjoy having an ‘Other Costs’ field, so long as it adds to expenses in the reports. Things like shipping material, boxes, and other misc. costs could be put into this field. It could be placed below ‘Actual Shipping’ and ‘Item Cost’ fields.


Paypal API is (was) absolutely free. You just had to spend lots and lots (and lots) of time before finding it: API ! update information

That addition sounds great. I could use it for PP fees. Others could use it for box costs, etc. As stated, as long as it comes out on the reports, sounds like a great addition!

Thank you all for the feedback. Request for “Other Cost” field in order section added to our list.

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