Possible printing bug with GS 9.5 and Sonoma

I’m still in an early stage of debugging this, but I am suddenly suspicious. Setup:

  1. New Mac, latest Sonoma 14.2.1
  2. GarageSale 9.5 (I have not installed the beta, since I was migrating my info between Macs)
  3. Old HP 1012 printer which has worked for literally years
  4. two or more Orders selected in GS, and select “Print packing slip” (any entry)

Problem: When multiple pages are queued for printing from GS, only the first page has content. The remaining pages are blank, and do not print.

For example, in the case I have this morning, printer preview that pops up shows 3 pages, but only the first one contains any content. The last two are grayed out, and when I do say “OK” do not print. Only one page prints.

Why I think it is probably a bug: This happens when I print to PDF, too. The resulting document only has one page (the first).

Steps to reproduce, so somebody could please check on their machine:

  1. open GS
  2. Select more than one Order
  3. Print packing slip (to PDF, if you like)
  4. observe the dialog box under Sonoma

I have

  • restarted the computer
  • deleted and reinstalled the printer
  • tried and succeeded printing from other apps (like Safari), which does work
  • not yet checked Apple support to see if it’s a Sonoma bug (which is awful lately, but I will)

I can’t actually test it under Monterey any more.


  • Sonoma might have a new print queue API?
  • A regression was introduced in GS that has an incorrect loop structure over pages selected?

Oh and there is a very annoying workaround, for the moment:

Select each page one at a time and print only that page, then select the next, and so on.

I just tested it here under Sonoma.

Could it be that the print dialog just works a bit different under Sonoma? I am not sure but it seems you have to scroll through the pages in printer preview and select each page first. It’s a bit weird, I agree.

It also seems that it remembers the pages you selected the next time you open the dialog.


Have you printed to PDF?

That is… really weird? I did just now check the little blue checkboxes on subsequent pages, which to be honest I have never noticed before today, and that worked.

I suppose the question for me then is: What is being remembered when only one is selected? If I print three today, will five print correctly?

I’ll experiment.

Thanks for noticing that!

Also salient: This printer (and its drivers) are really, really old. That may have some bearing on Sonoma’s behavior too.

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