Possible workaround for "shipping/payment policy" required errors


We just heard back from eBay: They decided that you can no longer mix and match business policies/profiles for shipping, payment, and returns with settings for shipping, payment, or returns on the listing level.

So it seems you have to use an all-or-nothing approach: Either use shipping, payment, and return policy at the same time, - or use none of these policies at all and specify all settings in the listing itself.

Please change a listing accordingly as it suits you best and let us know if the “shipping/payment policy” required errors go away.


P.S. The “package weight required” issue seems to be different, but related. We are still trying to word from eBay on this one.

Keep pressing eBay on this. It still sounds like a bug on their end, not a feature. In my experience, most people working support for eBay are idiots, so you may need to try and get your request raised some levels before getting in contact with someone who won’t just brush you off.

I have verified that turning OFF all policy selections for an auction in GS and going with manual values works as expected - the auction validates without errors.

We are not working with seller support. We are communicating with developer support, who usually know their stuff.

Oh, I know. I’ve dealt with dev support for both eBay and PayPal many many times in the past 10 years. It’s amazing what a cluster-f their platforms are and there seems to be no one at either company who has a clear picture of what’s going on. Too many cooks in the kitchen - changes get made on a continual basis and the various teams and devs never know the whole picture. So many inconsistencies with APIs, documentation, even the reports and emails their back-end generates. I’ve never found anyone at either that could put their finger on the root cause of every issue.

Just don’t underestimate their ability to say “that’s the way it is” even though you’re staring at something you know someone screwed up by accident on their end.

I have some listings where I can’t get rid of the errors. No combination of ‘policies’ or non policies will work. I’m unable to get around the shipping policy error in particular. These are some of my oldest templates.

Other listings give me an error initially, but I’m able to launch them after some changes to shipping/returns/payment.

At this point I think I have to re-write the older templates from scratch. Any other suggestions?

After starting a number of templates today, I can show you what to look for so you can change settings to avoid errors with the payment/shipping/returns situation.

Look for the 3 round dots with 3 periods inside. If any of them are blue (as in the example), a profile has been chosen. Gray means no profile. Click the blue dot and choose No Profile at the top of the choices to get rid of any profiles.

As we are being told, we need to have NO profiles in any of the 3 locations.

When all 3 dots are gray, I do not have any errors regarding ‘profiles’.

Yes I’ve had this problem all day. Robin’s solution worked. De-stressing with a glass of wine now.

Doesn’t work for me. If I choose no profiles I keep getting the error. No matter what setting I choose I get the 21919152 shipping error.

Please give this version a try:

I’m running into this issue. I get two error codes when I try to list anything. I try to change it over and over. From calculated shipping to flat shipping…
ERROR CODE: 21919152 - Shipping policy required
ERROR CODE: 219191154 - return policy required.

I have both added. Whats going on?

the problem is in your end when you use an all around policie you get 3 errors at the same time, when you use non you get asked to select a policie, i belive if you cant fix the problem, you should refund us, i have had this softwear for only a couple of months and now its use less.

We aren’t aware of any unfixed problems. What version of GarageSale are you using?

What version of GarageSale are you using?

Possible fix.

First, I had this same issue. I had a listing that I wanted to revise and relist but received the Shipping policy required and Return policy required errors. If I chose a shipping profile, return profile, and payment profile, those errors went away, but were replaced by an error about shipping weight not being specified (although it was in the custom shipping information).

After doing some reading, researching and general hair-pulling I did the following:

  • My Ebay -> Account
  • Search for ‘Third -Party Authorizations’ and click ‘show’ if necessary.
  • I found 2 entries of this type: “eBay Business Policies Management (created --)”
  • I deleted the extra (bottom-most) entry and waited about 5-10 minutes
  • I went to GarageSale, Template->Get Listing Fee… and it worked immediately with no errors.

WARNING! I have NO idea what deleting the business policies management might do for you, but deleting an extra entry seems a logical step. I make no promises it will not cause other unintended consequences. I’m a very small-time seller so I was willing to take the risk.