Previewing items in smart groups

I have smart groups set up in Garage Sale, on some smart group I have, I can click on it and all the items contained in the group show up in a sort of preview mode to the right. This works with some smart groups I have and does not with the others. All the groups I tried have items that are in the smart group. Also, I am having trouble when searching in the search bar, the results come up I have in past highlighted all the items in the results and that usually displays to the right as well. This is not working as it was in the past.

Sorry, I’m not sure I get this. Can you perhaps post a screenshot illustrating the issue?

For instance when i select this smart group nothing comes up in preview.


But when I do this group i get preview to the right…


Or even when I select several items it would always produce a preview on the right…


it’s worth a try download the latest beta version of GarageSale 7.0.6:

Maybe it already fixes the issue.

Regards, Kristian

Those the smart group correctly display its content when you force to re-evulate by double-clicking the smart group itself in the outline view, and pressing OK in the rule editor panel?

Also, do you see something logged from GarageSale to the Console application (under /Applications/Utilities) when you click on a smart group, which doesn’t show its content?

I downloaded the new beta update and that seemed to fix the problem…

Thanks for the help!

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