Problem with a removed listing

I know it’s not GS’s fault (that’s the common problem of “forbidden goods” removed by eBay without any concrete reason), but the listing is marked still as active although it is no longer available on eBay (disappeared, not expired). The warning is very strange, never seen before… the problem is, on GS the listing is blue like it’s active, but I can’t modify/expired it. What can I do??
Please help…

Thank you

Can’t you simply delete it? (maybe duplicate first so you keep a prepared listing)

Regards, Kristian

Yes but it is marked as active (blue). This is my doubt… shouldn’t it be solid grey?

I guess since the listing does no longer exist on eBay there’s no way for GarageSale to update the status. just delete this listing from GarageSale and you’re fine.

Regards, Kristian

Ok I see, I will do so

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