Removed listing [redux]

I unexpectedly had an item removed by eBay today (apparently an artist’s named triggered something), but I notice that GS does not realize it’s been removed.

I see an earlier thread from several years ago about a similar problem and I’m wondering. When I do visit the URL of the listing, I’m shown a “has been removed” alert on the listing page, which is otherwise intact-looking, but only when I’m logged in with that browser. But when I view the URL with another browser, not logged in, I get the “We’ve Looked Everywhere” message.

I’m wondering if the changes in the last few years might have added an API call that could detect this, and get GS to label the item as removed? It’s not a bug, and it’s a rare occurrence, but it does feel like the kind of thing that should paint the listing with a big red blob when it happens.

Lately ebay is removing much more often listings with many annoying (and sometimes funny) reasons. GS still shows active those listings because they somehow are still active. If you go into your ebay consolle, there is somewhere well hidden a page dedicated to “blocked” listings. When an item is removed, you should see a red banner in the consolle that brings you to that page. They still seems to be active, but URLs bring nowhere. They are just hidden but left active so you can modify the listing. I suggest you to avoid it, if you resist and incur in another ban, you risk to see your account blocked.

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From reading the API documentations, it seems GarageSale would need to make several API calls for each of your active listings, to figure out if it’s blocked for any reason. :thinking:

If you could you send me eBay’s itemID for that listing. I’ll ask eBay how GarageSale could get hold of that information. Maybe there’s a better way.

Honestly, it’s so rare an event, and they send so many obvious emails and messages, that it’s almost impossible to miss. In this case, since the listing is rendered “poison” (they will shut down all my listings if I re-list, even with editing), I just deleted it and moved the item out of inventory.

I would be concerned that adding more API calls would bog down standard listings for little reward.

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