Question about using two separate Macs without synching

I have some specific questions I need to know about using two Macs without syncing.
I will soon work with a third Mac, outside my office, and I don’t want GS to synch to this Mac my data and my listings. On this third Mac listings will be created but not listed, I will export from there and import into my main Mac, then I will list. I would like anyway that from third Mac listings can be expired and/or modified. This means I need to insert my credentials in the third Mac, but I don’t want GS downloading my orders in the third Mac neither showing all other listings created in second and first Macs. Is there any trick to avoid this?
Moreover, I need to know this: if 100 listings are created but not started in third Mac, manually exported to first Mac and started in first Mac, does listings shows as active also in third Mac after update?
Thank you for any help about this!


In the GarageSale preferences > Orders setting “Update Orders and listings” to “Never” should do the trick.
However, once you click on the update icon in the toolbar in Orders mode, the orders will be downloaded anyways…

No, the listings on the third Mac will keep their (prepared) state. They’re not in synch with the listings started on the first Mac.

Hope this helps,

Hello Kristian,
thank you for your help.
Unfortunately the first method is not a solution for me, I really need to totally avoid any order download on that Mac. Is it really impossible?

Also if the third Mac is linked to my ebay account (with token I mean) and I start those listings after importing in my first Mac?

I am not aware of a way to do this. As long as you have added your eBay token to a GarageSale installation, orders can be downloaded and listings can be started.

The current listing state will only be available in the GarageSale installation where you started the listing.
The listing state won’t be auto-transferred to another Mac.
Hoever, what you could do is to manually “link” a prepared listing with an active listing but doing this for many listings is probably too tedious.

To do this invoke the “Import from eBay” command. Don’t import any listing there, just drag the desired active listing from the “Import from eBay” panel to the arrow icon next to the Item Number field in the Live inspector of the prepread listing. This links the listing in GarageSale with the listing on eBay.

This animation shows how to do it:

Mmmh I see, this might be a problem. How can I sent shop categories without entering eBay credentials? If I inset token, download shop categories and then delete the token, can I create listings with shop categories? I won’t start listings, just create and manually export into the main Mac.

Thanks, now it’s clear.

This is very useful, can it be done in bulk? I bulk select 100 new listings and drag and drop 100 listings from My eBay panel?

About this matter there seems to be actually some issues. Some days ago the Italian thread Importazione Ebay ---> Garagesale 8 was about the very very slow speed GS takes to show active listings. Moreover, when I tried, I discovered an issue. In the panel there is no way to close the window, look, no red button or “delete” command, you have to cmd-q. After half an hours it’s still the same:

And yes, this is very slow to load listings. As other Italian user suggested, this slow speed might discourage sellers with thousands listings from importing into GS 8. I guess you really should give an eye to this…

Thank you

I just tried it here. After deleting the account you can no longer select its store categories.
What you could do is to unselect “Enable this Account” in the GarageSale preferences > Accounts. If done, you can still select its store categories but you can’t start listings.

No, that’s more a basic function for single listings, sorry.

I see. As long as the panel tries to to load the listings you can’t close it. In general loading the listings only takes a moment. (Loading thousands of listings take longer, of course.) Could there be an issue with your eBay access token(s) maybe or was it just a temporary issue with the eBay servers?

Regards, Kristian

But this way you can again download orders… @kristian I need to give third Mac to a person outside my office, I cannot leave my data there on a Mac I cannot control at all, I only need a way to create listings and keeping updated a certain category

There are about 12.000 active listings, it seems to be infinitely slow at all, nothing change after updating token…

Thanks for any tip about this

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