Relisting v Starting

Does anyone else experience these issues.

  1. I Auto-Cancel 2000 items
  2. I have now the choice of Re-list OR Start

If I select Start. GS takes for ever to bring up Launch Control because it seems to spend all the time Verifying each listing. and is UNUSABLE because of the spinning beachball. Aren’t auto-stopped listings already verified?

If I select Re-list, Launch Control appears very quickly but every time GS starts the listing it jumps to the listing and is still UNUSABLE

In a nutshell, verification kills GS for me.

My apologies if there is a way to turn off Verification and I have missed that post.

Screen Shot 2022-12-27 at 5.09.57 pm

Ah. Solved one of the issues I think.
Screen Shot 2022-12-27 at 5.09.57 pm

From the manual,“With the ‘only local verification’ option selected, GarageSale will not verify your listing with eBay before enabling the “Start Listing” button. In general there’s no need to select this option but under certain circumstances it can help to speed up your listing process.
With ‘Select new listings after relist’ enabled, GarageSale will always select the relisted listing in the left outline view (instead of retaining the current selection).”

This is my pref set up. GS takes control during any cancel/relist running.

Maybe I have been misreading this option. I thought that by selecting it, less verification would be performed. Hmmm!

this is ambiguous and wide open to interpretation.

I have just done a test with listing volumes using the re-list function. It is SLOWER if the ‘Run only LOCAL verification in LAUNCH CONTROL WINDOW’ is checked. I.e. Keep this box Checked for a faster response.
WHAT I WOULD LIKE IS A BOX TO TURN OFF ALL VERIFICATION (And a NEW ACTIVITY VIEWER that gives me more information about what is happening during these periods of GS Unusability). Said my piece now. Happy NY to all of you.

Hi David,

I Agree. Since I’m not sure what the “verifying” actually does and since the listing will be “verified” by eBay when the listing is actually started.

Also, an Advanced preference (oops, I mean Setting) to turn off (and remove) the the “$” amount calculation (or preflight errors) next to the Start toolbar button, since the $ is not correct, if you have an eBay Store (or get free listings).

Happy Holidays!

Neil. I rarely need to verify a listing as I always duplicate an existing listing. That way I know that the new listing has been verified by default. Of course, there is always the situation when EBay makes a change! However, one soon finds out.


Me too.

Yes, I agree.


Happy New Year!

Thanks Neal.

I wonder how many others feel the same way?


What is being “verified”?

A very good question, Richard. Some months back I brought up the question of more info being sent to the Activity Window but that topic seems to have gone quiet. This is one of the issues of GS Support not making available a list of what is being worked on. I was reluctant to mention this because I know GS support do not like this idea. It would be useful though and avoid repeated posts.

Regards David
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I am not trying to be controversial just curious as to what is being verified? Listing contents, phone numbers being included, web sites, off ebay sales addresses? comes to mind. Those things ebay considers taboo

I am not trying to be controversial either, or difficult. I am just reporting what I am seeing. Another hidden activity is ‘erase all deleted items’ With a few 1000 in the deleted folder, I will lost control of GS for quite a long time (spinning beachball). Maybe I am just being a bit naive, but I would have thought it only need to remove some sort of index and should be fairly quick. Maybe someone in GS can explain to be what is happening during this process?


Hi David,

Erasing all listings from the trash is a fairly complicated and expensive operation. GarageSale has to lookup all images no longer needed, all dependent objects needs to be updated (e.g. orders, inventory, etc.) and all the no longer needed data must be actually erased from the hard disk/ssd. Maybe it helps when you empty your trash more often?



basically there are two different verifications:

The “online” verification is done through eBay and may take some time as networking needs to be done, but as you already found out it can be disabled.

The offline/local verification is basically a check whether the listing has a description, a (valid) category, all required specifics set, valid shipping options etc. This should be really fast and I have my doubts that this can lead to any beach ball for 1000 listings. Theoretically this will be expensive for 50,000 - 100,000 listings.

If you really encounter a beachball with the later kind of verification, please try to make a sample/spindump with the “Activity Viewer” application. This may help tracking down what takes so long in your specific case.


Hi David,

when I remember it correctly, eBay requires us to use as few as possible AddItem API calls and use a VerifyAddItem call before each of these calls. With the option to run only local verification we may already do something eBay do not want us to do. The reason for that is that for eBay the verify call is not as expensive as the add item call is.

Also, eBay limits the maximum number of API calls GarageSale can do (on a hourly/daily/monthly basis). So we have to be careful and can not just throw a huge number of calls to them with e.g. a missing description or no shipping options. So we can not simply disable all verification (in addition, GarageSale may crash later on when some required fields are completely missing).

But as stated earlier, we may speed up things when we know what exactly leads to the beachball in your case. Simply send us a spindump/sample when the beachball occurs.


Thanks for the verification explanation, Paul.

Would it be possible then to expand:

to change the ‘Run Only local verification….’

to two selections:

  1. Turn off local verification
  2. Turn off Ebay verification?

A few of us find the current setting a little ambiguous and it seems that whichever selection I use I still see verification messages appearing in the Activity Window but I have no idea if they are local or Ebay.


Hi Paul

Hadn’t seen this message on verification prior to my last response.

But as stated earlier, we may speed up things when we know what exactly leads to the beachball in your case. Simply send us a spindump/sample when the beachball occurs.

I would still love to see more information in the Activity Viewer. Even if is just to show that GS has not hung.