Return Policy Attribute Not Valid

Starting yesterday, when I try list an item, I get the following “warning/yellow triangle w/exclamation point”:

Return Policy Attribute Not Valid
Return policy attribute returnDescription Not Valid On This Site

I’m pretty sure this has to do with eBay Business Policies. I’m not sure if I’m up against some new June 1st eBay changes or if the latest GarageSale update has changed something. Previously I had opted out of Business Policies. When I tried listing an item yesterday GarageSale was asking my to set these policies (shipping, payments, returns). I opted out again, which took care of being asked to set a shipping and payment policy, but when I try to list an item I’m still getting this message about my return policy. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you!

I am getting the same issue. I am able to start them anyway, but am worried about it. I do not use “profiles” and it did not ask me to set any policies.

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I’m able to start listings too and everything looks all right on eBay, but I do find the warning worrisome.

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I’m having the same issue “Return Policy Attribute Not Valid” even though the profile is valid.

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I am having the same problem…I don’t want Ebay to end my listings…I have the 30 day return time as required…

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Me, too. I’ll be interested to learn if anyone finds out why this notice suddenly started appearing.

Yes same! Not able to upload my listings for this evening.


I’m sort of glad to see I’m not alone on this one!

I was afraid it was another eBay SNAFU.

On June 1, eBay “accidentally deleted” my store account. They did reverse all of the fees I incurred by not realizing this had happened, but they “lost” all of the information about the store, including the categories, etc.

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Ditto here as well. We will need answers ASAP.


eBay recently removed some of the Return Policy options on the US site. As we could not removed the now deprecated Return Policy options in GarageSale prior to eBay (all our users would have missed them) they are still available in GarageSale.

As this is just a warning, you can either igore it or you have to change the Return Policy settings to fit eBay’s new requirements. Until we have researched what exactly will be removed you have to look on the eBay site to find out which options are still valid.

There will of cause be an update for GarageSale soon with the deprecated options removed.



after researching a bit, it seems more complicates than I thought. Here is a link to the eBay site about the “Simplified Returns”:

GarageSale should be compatible with these changes (showing some settings as deprecated). So can you please answer the following questions if you still encounter the warning if you use the latest version of GarageSale (v7.0.15):

  1. Did you open the return settings in GarageSale and remove all deprecated settings?
  2. Do you use a Business Profile for the returns? Did you try to edit and “repair” the profile on the eBay website?
  3. If you do not use a profile, can you export the template and send it over to us?

Thanks for you help,

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I appreciate the reply, Paul.

  1. Did you open the return settings in GarageSale and remove all deprecated settings?

In GarageSale under return settings I have “Returns Accepted” checked and “Don’t Use” for Return Profile. I’m not sure what you mean by “remove all deprecated settings?”

  1. Do you use a Business Profile for the returns? Did you try to edit and “repair” the profile on the eBay website?

I do not use a Business Profile for returns. The thing is, in GarageSale if I select a Business Profile instead of “don’t use,” it opens a can of worms requiring Business Profiles to be selected in Shipping & Payments. Maybe I do have a Returns Policy set in eBay? I’ll have to try to figure that out.

  1. If you do not use a profile, can you export the template and send it over to us?

How exactly do I export a template? Please let me know. Thank you!

I think the 3 and 7 day return periods are deprecated now by eBay, and should be marked as such in GarageSale.

Go to the “File” menu and select “Export listing…”. Zip the exported file and either attach the zip file to post in this forum, or send it to via E-mail, referring to this thread.


I also think eBay no longer allows text to be placed in GS’ Return Policy Details text window.

At least that was what was causing the warning on some of our listings.


Thanks for chiming in, TNS. That’s what it was! I had text in my GarageSale “Return Policy Details” box. After removing this text, I’m no longer getting the warning message.

Thanks again!

Once again, I’m lost here. I use a 30 day returns/sometimes 20% restocking fee on my returns.

The “depracated” notation does not appear on the 30 day return, unless I’m totally misunderstanding this. (Which may indeed be the case.) I see it only on 3 and 7 day returns in the dropdown.

Here you can see that GS doesn’t show a problem until I verify.


Can someone explain to me in simple language what I need to do to make this work? Thanks.

What worked for me was removing the text I had in the “Return Policy Details” box. Hope this helps.

Ok. But that leaves me with more questions.

For years. variables of this return policy have served me well:

Money back if returned within 30 days if you received an item that is not as described in the listing or is broken. If the buyer decides to return it for reasons other than that, buyer pays return shipping and a 20% restocking fee.

If I don’t have that showing in the RETURNS box, how do both my buyers and eBay know they may be responsible for shipping and they may have to pay a restocking fee?

Does anyone have an answer for this? I cannot even try to upload with no RETURN information because I do not and will not pay postage and 100% refund for “I changed my mind” returns. (Because I sell a lot of fashion items, I know I used to get people who would wear items for a while and then return them.)

So can someone answer the above question?


Are you guys saying that it is an issue for eBay and not something wrong on the GS side?

I ask because when I use the RELIST option on eBay, it gives me no problem whatsoever.

This has me highly confused as to what is wrong here and what I should be doing about it on my end.

Thank you.