Scheduler not launching auctions

Even though GS7 is open (minimised to the dock) scheduled listings will not launch at the scheduled time. When I go to correct this listings start as soon as I click on the dock icon. I am losing spacing between listings and missing my preferred listing times unless I actually sit there with it - which negates the whole point of having launch control and a scheduler.

needless to say this wasn’t a problem with GS6!

So absolutely no comment from the developer. That’s pretty poor.

The clock is not running down on the scheduler unless the whole system is active - even a screensaver kills it

Sorry for the delay in answering. We are quite puzzled as of why this is happening.

My best guess is that your Mac mistakenly things GarageSale supports “AppNap” and suspends it.

When GarageSale’s windows stop updating, can you check with the Activity Viewer if the “App Nap” column shows yes. Also, when you do ‘Get Info’ on the GarageSale app, do you see the “Prevent App Nap” checkbox like shown on the first screenshot in this article:

Several problems here.

  1. Whats an activity viewer and where do I find it (its not on the Mac Help)?

  2. When i do a “Get Info” on the Garage sale App and expand the “general” area there isn’t an App Nap control box to select (as per the screenshot). There is an unchecked box titled “Locked” in that area but the purpose isn’t clear.

  3. I followed the further instructions in the Lifewire article but having tested these it hasn’t resolved the issue.

Its quite clear that the timer on the GS scheduler isn’t counting down unless the whole system is in use and maximised.

Here is a special version of GarageSale, that generates a log message each time the scheduler runs. Please download and install it:

Once you have it running, please open the Console utility from (/Applications/Utility), select system.log and use the search field in the top right to filter for GarageSale (as shown on the screenshot).

You should see a new entry “schedulerTimerFired:” around every 30 seconds.

If you leave GarageSale and Console running, do you see log messages around the time your listings are supposed to go online?

Have downloaded as requested, and set a couple of items on a timer to test how this behaves. I am not seeing the ScheduleTimerFired message on the Console at all.

Attached is a sample of the console going through a process of me having the scheduler active in the foreground and then minimising it (the countdown timer at the top goes into stasis at this point)


The left part of the window is missing in your screenshot, so I can’t see if you selected the system.log row there.

Sorry - you’re not dealing with a techie here!

I initiated a scheduled activity at 16:13 today and here is the system log - showing the ScheduledTimerFired message - even before the scheduler was active

Here is another console system log; note the gap in timings between 19:53 and 20:21. Listings were scheduled to start from 20:02 but because the PC was unattended the listings failed to start. The timer on the GS Scheduler had frozen up with 8 minutes to go.


are you sure you enabled the event? You have to check this checkbox before the event is actually scheduled and the scheduler kicks in:



I am certain the event was enabled, the gap in timing from the screenshot was during a period the scheduler window was minimised to the dock, the items launched immediately after re-opening the Scheduler window when the clock corrected. The countdown clock on the scheduler is showing a “time to next event” (which wouldn’t be there if the event was not enabled), but if the scheduler window is minimised, or if the system shuts down to screensaver due to inactivity, the countdown clock in the Scheduler window freezes and doesn’t correct itself until the programme is in the foreground on an active session.

Seems we need to do more digging. What version of macOS X are you running?

High Sierra 10.13.2 (17C205)

Can you try this release:

It sets a flag to tells the system not to put GarageSale into App Nap state, but since we cannot reproduce issue I’m not sure if it fixes it. But might be worth giving a try.

This version has the same problem, console picture attached from this evening’s listing; items scheduled to start at 20:02, but screensaver came on ten minutes before that and the Schedule Timer stopped triggering. I got back to the PC at ten past 8 and immediately the listings triggered. The countdown timer on the GS scheduler had frozen with ten minutes to go.

As before - still SNAFU

Sorry, we can not reproduce this here. The scheduler runs even if the screensaver is runing. I have a few more questions, though:

  1. Did you install any additional plugins/extensions for power saving or other utilities?
  2. Are you sure your Mac is not sleeping? What kind of Mac do you have? Did you close the lid of a mobile Mac?
  3. When you start up GarageSale, do you see any logs (e.g. something with “IORegisterForSystemPower failed”)?



  1. No (or at least not that I’m aware of).
  2. The timer freezes even when the GS scheduler is just minimised to the dock whilst I am working on something else. Its a desktop iMac with 21.5” screen
  3. No rogue error messages reported


Just to make sure I get you right: as soon as you get GarageSale out of the Dock, it uploads the listing with no further issues?

Pretty much - If it is past the due time to upload it will start fairly quickly (there might be small lag for the timer to be updated), it ignores any scheduled gaps between the listings



can you give this version another try:

As we can not reproduce this we are just guessing here.

Did you do any “tweaking” to you system?
Any tools that makes everything “faster”?
Did you follow any “Howtos” to “speed up” your Mac with any hidden features?