Shipping Tracking Number Error Message

As of today, I get a new error message pop up every time I record an item as shipped, via the check box.

Any ideas as to why or what it means…?
Screenshot 2023-07-09 at 18.15.37

Are you shipping fromUSA? USPS has a new pricing schedule that you may need to download new business schedule for

No. Using eBay UK and shipping from UK…

I am getting this too, every time I try to add a tracking number… Garage Sale 9.3 on OS X High Sierra (10.13.6) - In the USA shipping to the USA.

Also, one of the tracking numbers was one of the new USPS Ground Advantage numbers issued this morning.


I checked GS and all the tracking numbers for Ground Advantage this morning have been added automatically. I updated business policies yesterday on ebay. I am running GS 9.4b12 on Monterey system. OOPS, Now it just popped up and all the tracking was already in the system

What makes it more confusing is that I don’t use tracking numbers or input carrier details.

I just get the error box every time I mark an order as shipped.

The secondary problem is that Garage Sale is kicking the items out of the “orders” section BACK to “Leave Feedback” after I’ve already left feedback

Good day, I can’t leave feedback. If I try to leave feedback for 50 Items - It says " Shipment tracking number addition failed due to a system error.". 50 times. . . . Need to be able to leave feedback - HELP.

You can set a preference to automatically leave feedback on ebay. You can’t do anything but leave positive feedback anyway so I set it to leave feedback after someone leaves feedback for me.

I tried leaving feedback from GS and got the message about tracking number and GS marked feedback left and it wasn’t on ebay.

Please have a look at my answer here:


Same here, also using the latest beta-version of GS and after updating the ebay-token.
Interesting point is that in our case, the tracking number is transferred correctly (DHL), its the feedback that isn´t. So when I try to give the feedback within GS, it always shows the mentioned popup, even when the tracking-number is already successfully transferred.

Thanks, Paul.

I have since changed to ‘auto feedback’ but I think if we don’t leave feedback in a certain time then our metrics take a hit, is that right? I’ve got a bunch of shipped items in limbo and that list is growing. :frowning:

I searched all over the HELP pages and there is nothing about leaving feedback in the Service metrics policy. Only mentions NEGATIVE feedback that a buyer leaves that effects your metrics.

I have been using the “Manage automated feedback” for years. See photo below.
“Automatically leave positive feedback” after “Buyer has paid for the item and left me positive feedback”.

I respectfully do not agree…

Nothing in my “Top Rated” Seller Metrics has ever been affected.
Even though less than 50% of my Buyers/Orders actually do leave feedback.

I agree.

Yep. Less than 50% of MY Buyers/Orders actually do leave feedback. You COULD use the “Buyer has paid for the item” option if this bothers you…

Automating this saves a little bit of time every day… No need to ever think about leaving feedback…


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I’ve been using the auto feedback for as long as I can remember. I set it when they stopped allowing sellers leaving anything but positive feedback. It became meaningless. A big HOWEVER, as a sample test to see if effects sales/searches I have set it to Buyer has paid for the item. We’ll see if it moves my needle at all but I will likely set it back to “after they leave me positive feedback”.

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