Smart Groups Setup

Sorry I got a problem here and I was trying to find the solution by searching the topics here but no luck.

Our needs are very simple. We do have Mens and Womens for the title of our listing. Now we want to know how many mens and how many womens listings there are.

We have rules like this but it seems doesn’t work, because the word “womens” contains “mens”
Any help would be appreciated.


Check out this posting: Smart Group Title Does NOT Contain - SOLUTION!

You could try to add a rule for “does not contain ‘womens’”…


FANTASTIC! It works great!
Never know the “option” key usage. Thanks a lot for the help.

I wish I didn’t have to remember to hold the option key to get the group to alphabetize the selections.


Maybe this info should be added to the Help pages?? Or a FAQ page???


It already is mentioned in the help here!:

  • Sorting a group: To sort the content of a group right-click on it and select “Sort by title” or “Sort by state”. (Holding down the option key while choosing “Sort by title” from the listing section’s outline view context menu sorts listings in reverse order.)

Regards, Kristian

It’s mentioned in the FAQ #31 “Tips and Tricks” as well (ok, it’s a bit hidden):

Regards, Kristian

Hi Kristian,

I was actually referring to the <option> key giving the “…” button to add a “group” of “nested” operators (All, Any, None).

From this posting: Smart Group Title Does NOT Contain - SOLUTION!



Thanks Neal, now I got it.
I will try to add it to the help section.

Regards, Kristian

Please also add it to all the other UI panels in other people’s apps, @kristian, so I don’t get so frustrated trying to make complex boolean queries in those, now that you’ve got me used to them… :wink:

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