Spurious Records

One of my many database issues may be related to spurious records:

A search brought up the following 2 records:

The record marked in blue is active and I can select it to find the actual record.

However, the record in red is the problem. If I select the record and cancel the search nothing appears in the LH screen. Ie, it cannot be displayed. BUT…If I move this record (in red) to another group, then I can see it. I can also delete it. Where on earth is it and how do I get rid of this record and similar records in one action?

I have no idea how any of these records exist.


This one popped up on me today.

Can anyone tell me what it does before I give it a go.

It did this when I was in a Smart Group and tried to access one of my “spurious” records.

Keeping this alive while waiting for a response from GS Help (again).

Hey David,

How often do you “Empty your Trash”?
How many items are in your “Deleted Listings” folder?

Just curious…

I keep my ‘Deleted Listings’ near empty, Neal. I have always done this because previous versions of GS used to search in this folder.

By Trash, did you mean in GS or OSX? Either way I try to keep it empty.


I was hoping that GS Help would give me some information on the Warning Dialogue Box.



How many Listing records do you have???

Can you run this AppleScript?

tell application "GarageSale"
	set listingCount to (count of every ebay listing) as string
	set listingSelectedCount to (count of selected ebay listings) as string
	set orderCount to (count of every ebay order) as string
	set orderSelectedCount to (count of selected ebay orders) as string
end tell
display dialog "The count of listings(selected) and orders(selected) are:" default answer listingCount & "(" & listingSelectedCount & ")" & ", " & orderCount & "(" & orderSelectedCount & ")"


Thanks Neal

I will give this a go tomorrow.


Wonder why your apple script returns about 3,000 more than GS does?

What do you mean by this??? Where are you getting the record count in GS???

Listings: Running the applescript shows 95438 listings.
If I select each of my 2 “top-level” folders and get the count from the center pane and add that to the Deleted Listings folder count I Get: 6213+26450+62746=95409
My Deleted Listings folder in the left pane shows 62746, but if I select that folder the center pane shows 62760 items.

Orders: Running the applescript shows 32339 orders.
Selecting all Orders shows 15289 items in the center pane.
My Deleted Orders folder shows 17050. And selecting that folder shows 17050 items.
Bingo! Perfect.


Here is where I get that number. The apple script returns 10,096


I thought I would try a few repairs to my database again and just keep a record of what I had done.

  1. First I tried removing ghost children from groups - I don’t think I had any but I just did it anyway.

  2. Next I tried ‘Orphaned listings’ and this is where it gets really interesting:
    Screen Shot 2020-12-15 at 8.28.15 pm

It found only one item that matched its criteria BUT Look at the number of items that appeared in the ‘deleted’ folder after running this option - 12,535

They definitely were not there before running this repair. I have been screaming all year that I thought it was deleted items that were killing my data base. I really hope I have found the answer. I will know more when I do my big listings at the end of the month.

GS Help. Can you explain this please?


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