Still doubled listings after conflict panel resolved

there are still many issues with conflict panel as I already told about this in the past. This is what happens:

  • first and second Mac DOES NOT automatically synch on their own
  • after hours of work, I manually invoke synch in first Mac: nothing happen
  • then I manually invoke synch in second Mac: conflict panel appears in second Mac, nothing happen in first Mac
  • Conflict panel is VERY slow, very long beach ball everything you do or click…
  • When the conflict is resolved by choosing “cloud” version, changes are applied in second Mac, but one specific issues appears. Here what happens step by step
    • listing A was created in second Mac into folder X, exported to first Mac, started in first Mac and moved to folder Y
    • when the conflict panel is resolved in second Mac as explained above, two identical listing A appear in second Mac: one is in the same X folder and the other is in Y folder as in first Mac.
    • listing A into X folder is like the ghost situation I explained here: Again issues with synching

@ilja I am a bit uncertain, is this a synch issue or something very specific related to somewhat wrong into my database? What do I have to do to finally work with synching?
Hope to hear soon from you…


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