Again issues with synching

there are still issues with synching. No warning until now.

  1. The first issue is that automatic synching does not work anymore. Am I wrong or should it synch on its own every 5 minutes? If so, it doesn’t. After hours of work nothing synched, I had to manually invoice “synch now”

  2. After invoking “synch now” on second Mac and then on first Mac, now I have 2 doubled identical listings in first Mac, but if I highlight them, GS only show one:


What do you need to catch this?

Can you send us the SynchLog files from your two Macs, so we get better pinpoint the area of the bug?

Also, do you recall what time that duplicate listing entry started to appear?

@ilja I will send you right now by PM both synch log files and I will also export those listings that does not appear.

They duplicated Monday morning

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