Still doubled orders bug after invoice updated in ebay

this is a long time bug. After updating an order invoice in ebay site, GS doubles the order and keeps both copies, the updated one and the older one. What’s worse, it not only doubles the order. When the order is paid, one copy is shown between paid orders, while the other one remains between not paid ones. This is a problem, because it seems buyers still didn’t pay, but actually he did and I already shipped. I expected the “shipped” or the “paid” flags would delete the not updated copy, but actually they don’t. One copy of the order remains in GS and I have to manually delete it.
I reported this bug at least during last two or three years. Sure last during this period and it wasn’t fix, because I remember I spent time every night deleting doubled orders. My last quarter of the year is the most busy in ebay and I loose much time checking orders one by one if they are doubled or not. Is there any possible fix? I hope so…

Thank you

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Who is doing the invoice up on the eBay site? You or the buyer?

If this is where the orders are being duplicated, my GS only does 1 copy

I am doing invoice to merge multiple purchases into same order. Situation is out of control:

In that case we need XML logs from before and after the merge to see if there any clues provided by eBay about the merge.

The next time you are going to merge order, please perform theses steps:

  1. quit GarageSale and re-open it while holding down the control-key.
  2. Enter KdLURP as logging identifier
  3. Choose “Update All Orders”
  4. Write down the current time
  5. Merge your order on the eBay website
  6. Write down the current time again
  7. Choose “Update All Orders” once again

Get back to us with the IDs of the orders you merged, and the times taken at #4 until #6.

Hi Ilja,
Here I am.

  • Time 22:47 , I just launched GS and clicked “update all orders”. Selected ebay order ID is 17-10-92702071

  • 22:50 I updated invoice in ebay website. Now a new (doubled) order appeared in GS. The new updated order has a different ID: 06-10-93934795

Is it enough? Please give me good news….

Thanks. I can see the logs on our server. Please disable the remote logging if you haven’t already done so.

I will go over the logs on Monday and see if I can figure something out.

Hi Ilja,
thanks, how can I disable logging?

Restart GarageSale with the Control key held down and uncheck the Remote logging checkbox.

Done, I think you will find lots of logs made in the meanwhile… I thought it disabled on its own.

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I opened a support request with eBay for this issues. From the data currently received from eBay, I am not sure how to recognize that the original order is no longer valid after you combined them. I’ll keep you updated.

Thanks, so the bug at least has been found out! It has been a nightmare for months. I hope it will be fixed soon, so I will be able to start using the super nice feature you just added in smart folder of beta 11.

Hi @ilja , is there any news from ebay about this issue?

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