Strange warning

while GS was relisting (in particular it was “sending images…”), GS app in bottom bar started to jump and I find this warning that I never saw before:

It says: “an operation of uploading photo has been processed, but it didn’t provide a image URL”… @ilja what’s that??

P.S. Happened dozens of time today and still doing it now sometimes… never happened before!

P.P.S Furthermore, this pop-up blocks every activity in GS. I left my computer on for 4 hours, just come back and found that actually it didn’t nothing since it was stuck until I clicked OK… this is a serious issue…

P.P.P.S There is also a very very strange thing. This morning there were 202 pages, now 206, but in the meanwhile I didn’t list!!! How is that possible?? Does GS synchronize also those expired listings moved to the trash? I cannot explain this…

Where do you upload your images to? Only eBay?

My guess is that somebody at eBay is tinkering with their image upload server once again. :frowning:

Hello @ilja,
in preferences>ebay images I set GS service, then I select the field to upload to EPS too if it is free. It happened really a lot of time, but I never saw it before! So do you think it is due to the EPS option?

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