Suggestions & Initial Feedback on 7 Beta - Please Contribute

Just started to actually work with Beta 18 and am hoping to lodge my thoughts with its usability. Being a beta I do know some of these may be addressed in a final version. FYI I have been using GS since 4.x and have never had a regret.
Like the new interface. The speed is nice especially the fast boot-up time and yes it is quite handsome as well !

Usability Improvements for production version

Desired Options:

Customizable Menu Bar - Re-List, Delete Template and other common functions.

User Defined location/size/options for Pop-Up Menus (Shipping/Attributes) - Preferences should be saved on close and restored on new session. Currently dances around on screen when entering full options. See my notes below on a more elegant solution.

Restore Shortcuts for the Pop-Ups - I enter these for the multiple (unique) items I list and the access to the menus needs improvement. “Shift Command S” is fine but an single key (F Command) would be better (suggestion below would negate this need).

Saved Previous State - I utilize Fonts/Spelling/Media and it would be Uber convenient if they were restored in a new session.

Shipping Options editing for individual parameters - It would be good if you could update individual aspects of shipping on multiple items without disrupting other settings. Currently if you edit multiple templates you change every aspect including item weights/package class etc. I just opted onto Global Shipping and will need to click the box for all templates one at a time (200+ templates). Doing so is laborious to say it nicely !

and drum roll please … The function I have desired since I began using GS
A rotating “roulette wheel” for all variables that need to be addressed for a new template. - Much like the inspector is set up it would be sweet to toggle through Media/Shipping/Attributes in a single window using a hot-key. Always hating calling up the pop-up windows as I can forget this at times. This costs me money of course and if the Media Browser window functioned to display Shipping and Attributes I could simple cycle through them. I understand Media is a separate program and this may not be feasible but one can dream…

Any FB is welcome,
Paul M

Also on the Customizable Menu Bar / Toolbar:
add “icon text/names/titles”. GS 6 had: “Icon and Text”, “Icon Only”, and “Text Only”.
add “Customize Toolbar” to rearrange and move icons and Search box around.


I can’t access my EBay account from Garage sale. For instance, to refresh the access token from preferences/accounts, it brings up the eBay login window (with a box that says “sandbox” in upper left area) but, when I enter either my user name or email and password, and select sign in it says “Your email/username or password is incorrect.”

Sounds like you checked the “Sandbox Mode” command in the Debug menu. Unchecking should make GS work again.

I don’t get a badge on the GS2 icon in the dock. I have selected Badges in OSX notifications and have an listing scheduled for auction tomorrow.

Sorry for the delay in answering. We had to find time to discuss this internally first.

Might be happening for version 7.1

Probably not going to happen, as the position and size of popovers are not easily definable by the application.

We’ll try to figure out a way to make this happen for the 7.0 release.

We’d need to split the shipping popover into 4 or 5 separate popovers, which all have to be accessible from the inspector. This is a lot of working and certainly not happening for the initial 7 release.

Did you take a look at the preflight window? Doesn’t it almost do the thing you want, as it alerts you about missing attributes and shipping options?

When deleting photos from a listing template by clicking the “X” in the corner of each photo, is there a way to eliminate the dialogue box that requires me to confirm I want to delete each picture? It’s time-wasting to answer yes for each picture.

Can we have a way to remove/archive sales from the smart groups “waiting for payment” and “ready to ship” ?

The reason being in some circumstances an order doesn’t get closed off on eBay fully so I have items showing here from years ago.

For example a customer purchased two items together in error but only wanted one. They were refunded the difference and the 1 item wanted was shipped but this still order still shows in the smart group as eBay didn’t understand a partial refund and partial ship.

Another example is where customer never paid and eBay closed as an unpaid item case but order still shows as waiting for payment.

How about the “Listing” > “Remove All Images” command?

That’s better, but I typically use my logo as one of images in all my listings. If I “remove all” I have to add that back one in every time. Regardless, the dialogue box is redundant after you’ve already clicked the X.

You can either export those orders to a separate file and delete them from GarageSale, or you could tick the “refunded” checkbox for these orders. This should exclude them from most smart groups. You can double-click the smart groups to check their rules and learn what checkboxes will hide certain items.

I’m having an issue creating new listings using an existing template.

I change the title, picture, condition, categories and they all hold to the listing when it’s launched, but the updated price does not.

Also whenever I launch using an old template, I get a dialogue box that reads: “Some of the selected listings have already been started. Do you want to duplicate these listings and list the copies?”

Any suggestions?

Issue seems to have corrected itself. Will raise hand if it recurs.


The delete option works well - you just have to find the original as you can’t delete the entry coming up in the smart group.

Would it be possible to have a way to quickly jump down to/show the original in the order section below?

A ticket for adding a “Delete Original” command is already on our to list. (Among a few hundred other requests). :smile:

[quote=“ilja, post:6, topic:1208”]
User Defined location/size/options for Pop-Up Menus (Shipping/Attributes)

Probably not going to happen, as the position and size of popovers are not easily definable by the application.

Well it should at least be dominant over the iMedia Browser (MB). Currently its subordinate and difficult to use as it requires closing the MB each time.

It would work best (at least for me) if it was placed over the MB as pics are loaded at separate times in creating the template.

It then dances up top to adjust Advanced Options.

Thats why it should share space with the browser window. Much like the inspector has Options Advanced Properties.
I doubt anyone is adjusting shipping while concurrently adding Media. I am out of landscape and would be forced to move the MB to my second monitor and add a third to watch SP.

[quote=“ilja, post:6, topic:1208”]
Shipping Options editing for individual parameters

We’d need to split the shipping popover into 4 or 5 separate
popovers, which all have to be accessible from the inspector. This is a
lot of working and certainly not happening for the initial 7 release. [/quote]

I am not expecting this anytime soon as you are very busy boys. Its something that I wished for since day 1 w/GS. Perhaps a script will allow in the future.

I have actually gone back to using 6 to get my work done. 7 is crashing too much for me and without Hot Keys its just too slow for my style of listing. Mousing is sooooo 1980’s Haha !!!

Will resume using 7 when it become a production vehicle,

You are right. Maybe we can tweak the media browser window to appear below the popups.

Beta 23 fixes another round of crashes and adds menu short cuts for category and attribute selection. :wink:

Soon I will have everything I want !!!


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Program is operating great so far. I’d like to lose the extra hang time at launch, but otherwise most functionality seems smooth. That said, still a couple of questions.

There’s probably a simple solution for these, so apologies:

  1. I don’t understand the “duplicate and delete” option when launching a listing - please explain the purpose and results of selecting either option.

  2. The whole listings column confuses me; it seems to archive my templates and my listings, with the listings stacked below each of the templates it’s generated from, creating a column interspersing both templates and listings. In the previous version the templates stayed grouped together at the top of the column, segregated from the listings, which were all stacked together below. I prefer the latter option - can I set this column to work like it used to in GS6?


And will we get a notice when we have to pay for beta vers 7 before rate increases? Or is there a hard date already?