Suggestions & Initial Feedback on 7 Beta - Please Contribute

I’m having an issue creating new listings using an existing template.

I change the title, picture, condition, categories and they all hold to the listing when it’s launched, but the updated price does not.

Also whenever I launch using an old template, I get a dialogue box that reads: “Some of the selected listings have already been started. Do you want to duplicate these listings and list the copies?”

Any suggestions?

Issue seems to have corrected itself. Will raise hand if it recurs.


The delete option works well - you just have to find the original as you can’t delete the entry coming up in the smart group.

Would it be possible to have a way to quickly jump down to/show the original in the order section below?

A ticket for adding a “Delete Original” command is already on our to list. (Among a few hundred other requests). :smile:

[quote=“ilja, post:6, topic:1208”]
User Defined location/size/options for Pop-Up Menus (Shipping/Attributes)

Probably not going to happen, as the position and size of popovers are not easily definable by the application.

Well it should at least be dominant over the iMedia Browser (MB). Currently its subordinate and difficult to use as it requires closing the MB each time.

It would work best (at least for me) if it was placed over the MB as pics are loaded at separate times in creating the template.

It then dances up top to adjust Advanced Options.

Thats why it should share space with the browser window. Much like the inspector has Options Advanced Properties.
I doubt anyone is adjusting shipping while concurrently adding Media. I am out of landscape and would be forced to move the MB to my second monitor and add a third to watch SP.

[quote=“ilja, post:6, topic:1208”]
Shipping Options editing for individual parameters

We’d need to split the shipping popover into 4 or 5 separate
popovers, which all have to be accessible from the inspector. This is a
lot of working and certainly not happening for the initial 7 release. [/quote]

I am not expecting this anytime soon as you are very busy boys. Its something that I wished for since day 1 w/GS. Perhaps a script will allow in the future.

I have actually gone back to using 6 to get my work done. 7 is crashing too much for me and without Hot Keys its just too slow for my style of listing. Mousing is sooooo 1980’s Haha !!!

Will resume using 7 when it become a production vehicle,

You are right. Maybe we can tweak the media browser window to appear below the popups.

Beta 23 fixes another round of crashes and adds menu short cuts for category and attribute selection. :wink:

Soon I will have everything I want !!!


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Program is operating great so far. I’d like to lose the extra hang time at launch, but otherwise most functionality seems smooth. That said, still a couple of questions.

There’s probably a simple solution for these, so apologies:

  1. I don’t understand the “duplicate and delete” option when launching a listing - please explain the purpose and results of selecting either option.

  2. The whole listings column confuses me; it seems to archive my templates and my listings, with the listings stacked below each of the templates it’s generated from, creating a column interspersing both templates and listings. In the previous version the templates stayed grouped together at the top of the column, segregated from the listings, which were all stacked together below. I prefer the latter option - can I set this column to work like it used to in GS6?


And will we get a notice when we have to pay for beta vers 7 before rate increases? Or is there a hard date already?

GarageSale 7 fundamentally changes how the application works. There is no more differentiation between templates and running auctions. Everything is a listing right now. There are two main reasons for this:

  1. eBay makes it super hard to launch duplicated listings by now. So having a single template and launching multiple auctions from it without modification doesn’t work anymore. Event if you modify a template to outsmart eBay’s duplicate detection, you loose the ability to easily revise the listing you initially listed.

  2. We are trying expand to other marketplaces with future version of GS 7. The whole “your listing will end after x days, and then you have to restart it” thing is pretty eBay specific and doesn’t apply to other sites.

Once of the consequences of “everything is a listing” change is that you can only launch a listing once. If we were to allow to start it multiple times, we would override you original listing’s item id, listing address, and fees.

Therefore you see this alert, when you try to start a listings that you already launched in the past, that asks you if you want to start a duplicate listing. Since some users find it annoying to move the original listing to the trash manually, we added to this convenient checkbox you were asking about.

Are you already having sleepless nights because of 3 bucks you might save by buying a license right now? :wink:

Okay, I understand the concept, but don’t agree with the logic. The issue with not being able to sort listings separately from templates creates more work for me.

Here’s why:

I create listing templates for the various categories I sell from, and change the specifics (title, pics, custom details, category, and any description text that is specific to the item I’m selling.

When the templates are/were organized together, I could see and choose the most appropriate template from the column without scrolling, doing a search, etc.

eBay never rejected any of them as duplicates, and that was through last week when GS6 ceased to function with El Capitan.

I suppose I can drag the listings into the appropriate year folder, but that’s an extra step from GS6, and it’s not that easy since there’s nothing that visually distinguishes the template from the resulting listing.

It seems like GS7 has lots of extra steps in the form of multiple unnecessary dialogue boxes (photo deletion, launching, etc).

There also seems to be a total dismissal of revision to existing templates, again, creating more work for the user.

Finally, no, I’m not sweating the $3. I’m acclimating to GS7, and depending on what I find, it may no longer be the listing program I’m going to use.

But thanks for your responses, everything I hear from you feeds into my ultimate decision.

You could adhere to pretty much the same workflow in GS 6 by setting up base listings for various categories, that you would duplicate and customize for the item you are selling.

Sorry, I don’t see the difference. You can organize your listings the same way you could organize your templates in GarageSale 6.

Sorry, you lost me here. In GS7 there are only listings. Not templates anymore. You can easily distinguish between started and not-started listings by their different icons.

What “multiple unnecessary dialogue boxes” should that be? Can you post screenshots? The photo deletion alert is even identical to the one in GS 6!

Are you referring to a missing “revise” command? It’s actually there in toolbar (button with three dots).

LOL, that’s pretty funny. 3 bucks goes a long way.

this is an interesting discussion and called me because I had the same doubt of atomiktoy about template and listings. I used GS6 for a long time and I found very useful the way to modify active listings. With that menu I could choose a specific listing to modify, now I cannot do this with GS7, if I understood what you said. This could be a problem for me, I will try to explain you why. I have thousands of items to sell but before starting I need to clarify all options of GS7. In the past I used some model to start several listings, it was very useful because I saved much time, just modified title, description and photos, then everything was ready. If I noticed I made a mistake some days later, even if I started 100 other listing after that one with the mistake, I could modify that auction from GS using the specific menu with all listings started with the current model. So now isn’t it possible any more? How can I avoid this trouble? Of course I cannot keep thousand of listings on left menu bar, so I delete them thanks to that field (Moe originals to trash…), but in this way I cannot modify them anymore. It’s a mess… could you help me please?

P.S. I think you should insert a field which says “mark and show no more this alert”, it’s annoying each time I start an auction…

What’s the matter of bucks?

The idea that a listing can only be started once, instead of being being paused and resumed as needed is highly, is highly eBay-specific and doesn’t translate to other market places. That’s why we got rid of the template/auctions metaphors used in GS6.

I suggest you put all listings belonging to the same item into its separate group. This way you would have them all in one place, not using any more screen reals estate in collapsed mode than a single template in GS 6.

I have recently installed GS7 on a new computer
I want to import all the listings from by old computer
file>export from the old computer
file import from the new computer
Only imports one listing - the one highlighted
even if I do select all
How to export/import all listings?

Stephen C. Day
P.O. Box 2226
104 Skylark Lane
Corrales, NM 87048

Hi Stephen,

in the current version, only the listings selected in Overview mode will be exported. So, after selecting the listings in the left outline view, right-click on one of the listings in the Overview mode and select “select all” before invoking the Export command.

However, in the next update you’ll no longer have to select the listings in Overview mode again. You can then export the listings selected in the outline view directly.

Regards, Kristian

Thanks - that worked