Syncing still not working properly

I have had issues with syncing since the beginning and it is still not resolved. Every time I sync it creates another corruption in the database. I believe the problem is that GS syncing does not deal with groups (folders) correctly. It seems that every time I move listings to a different group the data gets corrupted the next time I sync. After syncing I get duplicate listings and when I delete one it deletes both. When I move listings into groups some get synced properly, others are duplicated or left in the original folder.

btw. I have tried sending log files to tech support by email but my messages bounce back undeliverable.

I hope you can fix this but until then I will leave syncing turned off.

Hi Robert
Is it possible that these duplicates existed before syncing? I had the following problems and I DO NOT use syncing.

This was not resolved by GS Help. Because of corruption in my database, I have had to completely rebuild my database from scratch using Import from Ebay. I have been working on this for a month and I am nowhere close to finishing- about 27,000 items. I have also lost all of my previous order information prior to November 2020.

I am not happy about having to do this but as GS Help seemed unable to solve my issues, I just had to be proactive & take the plunge.


The behavior descried by Robert brings me back a year ago when I used and tested for long time the synching feature. The issue of doubled listings and double deleting is exactly what happened to me that time (actually it was a part of issues…). I was sure it depended somehow on moving listings between folders, but it was not possible to fix or find the exact cause. So I had to give up with synching, now I am manually importing and exporting listings between Mac and it is a while I do not see any issue like that…

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I’ve had a synching problem since the introduction of GS8 - the failed to 'Synch" message appears on a daily basis on both laptops. Nothing updates on my second laptop and “New Events” will not load via scheduler. Very frustrating.

Unfortunately syncing has never worked consistently for me, and like the rest of you, I have it turned off after one or several times of having to try and repair a corrupted database.

The ability to sync between computers is probably one of the most important features needed by those of us with large Ebay inventories and who work between more than one location or device.

My workaround is neither ideal nor convenient, but if I’m working at one of my locations for a good amount of time, I’ll create my listings and then export them in a Dropbox account and delete them from Garage Sale, and then when I get to my other location, I’ll import them into my main Garage Sale installation where I’ll post them later.

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Thanks for your response. In an attempt to fix the corruption I exported all my listings and then imported them into a clean GS. After syncing a few times the same type of corruption occurred.

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