The word "copy" that gets added to a duplicated template

In 2009, GS said they were going to work on changing or stopping the word copy that gets added to the end of a template when one duplicates a template.

Can you please add an option to turn this off completely. I don’t want the word copy added to any template. At least make it optional or allow one to insert a word they like.

I have to manually delete the word copy every time I duplicate a template within GS. It’s been far too long that this is still not an option.

On Nov 26, 2009, at 7:12 AM, Ilja A. Iwas wrote:
I dug out the development ticket about this issue from our to-do list and implement a check for the suffix “copy” for GarageSale 5.4.

For now, what is the script to change it manually? Is this still inside ManualLocalizable.strings ?
What do I change in the code for it to stop adding Copy and just stay blank?

Thank you.

Sorry, somehow the promised improvement never so the light of day. We’ll take another shot at it with GarageSale 7.

You still need to change the ManualLocalizable.strings file for your language in GarageSale’s application bundle. Change to line

“itemDuplicationTitleSuffix” = " copy";

to, eg.

“itemDuplicationTitleSuffix” = “”;

If you’re concerned about it ending up on your auction, I received an alert when verifying a template that had that word in the title.

Some people, like me, like having the word copy input so we can tell which one is the new one so we don’t change the original.

In most of the world, a template is something that, after you edit it, becomes write-protected and generates a new live copy (which is no longer considered a template) every time you go to use it. I find this application’s entire concept of what a template is and how it works completely baffling every time I come back to try a new version.


The option of having ‘copy’ added to duplicates I think should just be something that is available as an option in preferences - yes/no. It is clearly a matter of opinion as to whether or not that is useful. An award should go to ‘WCV’ for patience in waiting for this feature!

I personally would like to not see the word copy added but would actually like for each of the ‘Auction Templates’ to be badged/suffixed/prefixed with the SKU code of the product that is being sold or at least given/assigned some kind of GS stock number. I have multiple items, same product, different conditions, that don’t work as variations (i.e. Printers. Some have ink, some don’t. Some have all their cables, some don’t). All these auctions have the same name. I spend a fair while clicking on them to see which is which.

On a separate note I have to say that I completely agree with ‘bleary’ in that the use of the word ‘template’ is completely mis-used in GS. It took me a while to understand that every new auction has a ‘template’ thus not really being a template at all.

There should be

Templates’ where you create templates(!) and decide on the layout and features.
Auctions’ where you put specific product’s data in. No layout choices. These are created from a Template.
Live Auctions’ that reflect items already up on eBay

How about a popup alert/warning if we are attempting to list a duplicate title of something already posted? That would eliminate the “danger” of a duplicate listing.

Thank you. I hope an option to change the word from COPY to another word is in the works. Thanks!