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Continuing the discussion from GS7 Operational comments and missing category - KILL Dat MOUSE:


Sorry couldn’t resist. OK found where you hid that function and it is now visible thanks.

Its kinda like Christmas. Ask for a lot and hopefully get one thing !

Right now the shipping panes occupy 4 different screen areas. My original idea of them being keystroke cycled and then the tab key would get us to the data entry points.
I care less about where they pop up than having so many mouse movements to execute. At least if the popups were in the same place clicking would be more efficient.

Really digging the speed of the program and the uploads are 100% faster.


My apologies for not being so good at quoting the text on this board

Maybe there’s a present (or two) hidden in Beta 45:

Thank you der Weihnachtsmann


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Since I have your ear maybe another line or 2 of code ?

I liked the old way of moving listings to the trash with the Delete Key. Not a biggie but much faster.


The new keyboard shortcut is now Cmd-Delete. I know, it’s a key press more, but it’s now consistent with other Apple apps like Finder. (Yes, there are also Apple apps like Mail that only use the Delete key. It’s a though call).