Unable to add multiple photos to listing

The new version ( Latest GarageSale 7.0.3 (775) finally was working fine. I tried this morning to create a listing as normal, by dragging the highlighted photos to the listing and only one will go in. Tried doing them one at a time, but cant add more than one. I tried it in both modes. I closed and opened, restarted my computer, it wont allow more than one photo. Help!

Where are you photos coming from? Apple’s Photos app? If so, are you dragging from your library or a shared photo stream?

Hi- I had been able to drag them over as a group from iphoto library- I dont use the photos app.It lets me put only 1 of the group. I even tried individually to drag them over but it doesnt allow more than one.

Are you dragging directly from the iPhoto app, or a you using the “Media Browser” window in GarageSale?

Dragging directly- I havent tried the media button lately, Ill check if that works now

The media button does work. But wondering ehy the drag and drop stopped working? Thanks!

We fixed several dragging issues with Apple’s Photos app recently. That might have broken drag&drop from iPhoto. We’ll take a look what’s going on here.

ok! Thanks for looking into it! I love the new GS, and will love it more when the bugs are fixed…:slight_smile:

btw, i have another question; can i import all the items from one ebay account to gs, and upload into another account? ebay says i need to use turbo lister but that doesn’t work on a mac. if that is possible, is there instructions?

Hmm, sorry I cannot reproduce the bug. Dragging from iPhoto into GarageSale’s works for me.

Can you look up what version of iPhoto you are running? Also, are you using macOS 10.10 or 10.11? Are you dragging into Preview or Editor mode?

It should work for like this:

  • Make sure you have both eBay accounts authorized in GarageSale
  • Open the “Import from My eBay” panel
  • Import some listings from the original account
  • Use the Duplicate command to create a copy of the listings just imported
  • Now, put the duplicated listings on eBay using the “Start Listing” command

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