Unable to list due to error 21919301 EAN is missing a value. Enter a value and try again

I have updated to Version 6.9.6 (618) and I am trying to list a Lexar S70 USB stick with EAN number 0650590169702, this is a valid number and others are for sale on ebay with this number, but I only ever get the above error when trying to list with it, I have tried the number in the barcode field in inspector and have tried it in the item specifics under EAN with no luck, any ideas?


please update the eBay category data. To do so open the GarageSale preferences and update the categories in the Categories tab.
Choose ‘Download Anyway’ if prompted.
(Make sure the correct eBay site is selected in the GarageSale preferences>General.)

Back in Template mode check/re-select the category.

Regards, Kristian

Im trying to list variations with a few colours and no matter what i try i keep getting this error 21919301 UPC is missing a value. Enter a value and try again.

I’ve tried a few fixes but nothing seems to work

Hi Tyson_Mercieca,

eBay made some recent changes that now require every single variation to have its own barcode. While the new GarageSale 7 supports multiple barcodes, GarageSale 6 does not. We recommend that you give the beta version of GarageSale 7 a try.

Please see the post in our user forum here: