Unable to upload .tsv for importing


  1. allow .tsv file extension when importing.
  2. default to the tab delimiter in this case

It’s a small issue but I have to rename my tsv file extensions every time I want to import. Even Google Sheets uses tsv when exporting tab delimited files, so this is a standard extension.

Thanks so much for the great software. I have a few other small things that I will create separate posts for in the coming days.

Is it an option for you to just rename the .tsv file to .csv?
I just tried it here and then selected “Tab” as column separator in GarageSale’s import panel and it seemed to work pretty fine.

Forget what I wrote in my previous reply and look out for the next GarageSale 9.2 beta versions!
It should be able to import .tsv files natively.

Yes, I can rename the file manually, that is what I do now. Thanks for the update in beta. :slight_smile:

Here you go: GarageSale 9.2 Beta 3 Released

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