UPC & Shipping Policy Issues Perssist in Garage Sale

I have added the UPC of items to the barcode field in GarageSale but get this eBay error when verifying the template: “Required field, UPC, is missing. Please add UPC to the listing and retry the operation.” I have downloaded my categories, refreshed the eBay access token, and started/restarted GarageSale but am unable to get past this error.

I also continue to have the issue whereby I cannot list using the eBay shipping policies. If I try and use a policy, I get an eBay error indicating that I have to also include an item’s weight. If I try and list an item with the weight, I cannot use the shipping policy.

I have used GarageSale for a long time and can no longer list items with it. I have had to resort to using eBay’s horrible tools. Please help.

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if you’re not using the GarageSale app from the Mac App Store you should download the latest beta version form the GarageSale website. It supports the new eBay requirements. Simply enter the UPC in the barcode field in the GarageSale Inspector.

Regarding shipping policy: You have to add the item’s weight to the shipping policy on the eBay website. You can’t select a shipping policy and add the weight later in GarageSale. eBay does not support it in their API as far as I can tell.

Regards, Kristian

Hello. I have loaded the newest version of GarageSale that is supposed to support the UPC requirements, but get an error even when the UPC number is in that barcode field in the Inspector.

Regarding the shipping weight, auctions won’t load in GarageSale without a weight (an eBay error pops up if there is no weight). If I include a weight in GarageSale then I cannot use a shipping policy in GarageSale. It is not possible for me to list an item in GarageSale using just the shipping policy as I think your message is indicating that I should be able to do.


That’s odd. What error do you get exactly? Is an error (red) or a warning (yellow)? Also, what eBay site is this?[quote=“history_store, post:3, topic:635”]
Regarding the shipping weight, auctions won’t load in GarageSale without a weight (an eBay error pops up if there is no weight). If I include a weight in GarageSale then I cannot use a shipping policy in GarageSale. It is not possible for me to list an item in GarageSale using just the shipping policy as I think your message is indicating that I should be able to do.

Did you try to add the item’s weight to the shipping policy (in the shipping policy settings on the eBay website)?

Regards, Kristian

I get a red error and cannot list an item because of it. I use the eBay US site. Regarding the shipping policies, I have several set up to cover the different weights of products and shipping options I offer. The items I have tried listing have weights that are within one of the policies I offer.

same error. i thought it was demo limitations…

this app on sale and not cheap. but not working. wow…

Have to enter “NA” in the Barcode field!!

Is this an issue that will be addressed? I cannot use Garage Sale and see lots of others with the same problem. There have been comments like mine here in the forum as well as in reviews for Garage Sale at the app store.

Hello. I continue to have problems with the item weights and with the eBay shipping policies. Your last message mentions adding a weight to a policy in eBay, but there is no such option or I can’t easily see it. Where do I add a weight to a policy in eBay? Attached are screenshots - one is of the eBay shipping policy creation page and two are of the errors I get. If I select a shipping policy via GarageSale, I get an error stating that weight is required. If I list without a policy, I get a message from eBay stating that a policy is required.

I just called eBay here in the USA and there is no way to add an item’s weight to a business shipping policy. I was told that the weight can only be added at the item and listing level.

You are running into a bad system design on eBay’s end. You can either use a shipping policy or specific shipping in the listing itself. You can not mix these two approaches.

So, you would need to create a shipping policy for every different weight class you are selling.

Are you saying that in order to use GarageSale, I must list without using eBay’s shipping policies? I am not able to list any items using GarageSale without a shipping policy because of an eBay error I get. If I pick a policy in GarageSale and try to list with that, I get a different error (item weight required). How would I be able to use a shipping policy in GarageSale? eBay’s policies don’t specifically relate to a weight, and yet eBay does not recognize the weight entered in GarageSale if I list there and use a shipping policy. I have many shipping policies setup and each is associated with a rate that is appropriate for a weight range, but that does not overcome the issue of eBay wanting to know an item’s weight.

No, you either have to put in your item’s weight into the shipping policy (on eBay), or list without a shipping policy.

Shipping policies are optional. There’s no rule that forces a seller to use a shipping policy. What error are you getting? Please send in a screen shot.

On the eBay website, add the weight to your shipping policy for calculated shipping profile.

This might also be a bug on eBay’s end. I’ll send you instruction on to send us the data we need to investigate this.

I have sent the data requested and thank you for the help.

Every new listing, using new or existing template now produces a Shipping Policy error in addition to a Payment Policy error. It’s impossible to list at the moment with Garage Sale unless it’s simply re-listing or revising.

ERROR 21919152: Shipping policy is required.
ERROR 21919153: Payment policy is required.

I don’t know how many days this has been an issue, I just noticed it this weekend for the first time. On Friday I had no issues listing with the same template(s).

I asked eBay’s developer support about this. I’ll keep you posted.

Hello - that was not my comment, but I do think that eBay has started to mandate business policies for either some sellers or some listings/categories. Last week, I was able to list items without a policy in GarageSale and then add the policy by editing the item in eBay, but as of 11/15, this did not work.

I just noticed, that the popup in your second screenshot says “Flat: same cost to all buyers”.

The fields for entering item weight probably won’t show up until you switch that popup to “Calculated”.

I tried that too and also asked eBay, but there is no way to add a weight to a shipping policy - flat or calculated.

eBay creates policies automatically based on your listings and I had up until a moment ago some two dozen shipping policies, three or four return policies and one payment policy listed in eBay’s Business Policies section.

I have deleted all policies except for the defaults so now I have only one return, one payment and one shipping.

Even though there was only one payment policy in place it said there were 0 listed auctions using it. Strange because I’ve never done anything else with respect to payment settings.

While working on cleaning the list up, an error report was generated that contained the following info in relation to two existing (currently listed) auctions:

The specified International shipping service priority 6 is invalid for the shipping service cost override. Priority specified does not have a corresponding shipping service in the policy. It will be ignored.