URGENT: Automatic Relisting question

I have some issues with the Auto Relist option. I REALLY want to use this but need some clarification as it doesn’t seem to be working correctly.

All of my listings are unique so the quantity is set at 1.

I checked Automatic Restart and default is to check “Ignore Inventory Quantity” so I unchecked it.

5 of my items sold but were all re-listed. So, I thought I must have misunderstood it and went back and checked the remaining.

Now, something sold and it still re-listed with the box checked.

It seems to be not recognizing the inventory quantity.

This is kind of disastrous as I frantically and individually checked/unchecked 5000 items yesterday but the sold items are still relisting.

Please let me know what I could be doing wrong.

Thank you!!

The “Ignore Inventory Quantity” checkbox only has an effect, if you have linked your listing through the SKU field to an item in the inventory section. Otherwise, I doesn’t do anything.

If you want to prevent unlimited relists, you have to create an inventory item in the inventory section with the remaining quantity, and link it to your listing through the SKU fields.

So each individual item has to have its own number?? I have 10,000 unique items. That’s unworkable.

Why can’t it just go by the quantity that there is one of this item so don’t re-list it if it sells?

Is there an easier way to “Use title as SKU” than manually adding each item? A bulk edit somehow? As I said, I really want this to work.

And, just to be clear, do I want the ‘Ignore inventory quantity’ checked or unchecked if I don’t want sold items to sell? Depends if you see the check mark as a Yes or a No.

Thank you so much

This discussion is of the highest interest for me. We discussed about this matter here How to automatically delete ended listing? but I actually did not understand that I need to create a specific inventory item for each item!!! I have the same needs of @hevydevy , each listing in my shop is unique, I don’t think it would make sense to create an inventory item for each one… besides it would require much time!

I’m in the same boat. I became so lost that I gave it up and do it all manually.

I know! It would be so awesome to use that time for posting new things rather than wasting hours re-listing. It shouldn’t be that complicated - Use the Quantity box!

If Quantity box=1 don’t re-list if sold.

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Thanks for all the suggestions. We’ll cook something up. We’ll just need a little time to design and test the feature.

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Looking forward to having it!!

WATCH THE RELIST FEATURE. It triplicated 25 items on me and duplicated 75 for me. I haven’t been able to duplicate it for GS and it relisted a second time with no problems.

Also, is there a way to dump the original listing when a relist is being done? Leaving the gray or solid green button in the list make the list double in size every 5 days, the length of my auctions.

@ilja can you give us a prevision for the next release with this fix, please? I will start using this feature as soon as it works fine, and I guess I will spent some time for change all my listing …

Here is a version that should do what you want:

  • if a listing, which is not linked to an inventory item, ends while the “Auto Restart” option is enabled, a relist happens with whatever quantity was left in the original listing. If the entire stock of the original list was sold, no re-list will happen
  • if you check the “Ignore Inventory” checkbox, a relist will always happen with the original listing’s initial quantity
  • you can pick a group to wich the original, ended listing should be moved during auto-relist
  • the auto-restart feature without inventory doesn’t work for variation listings yet


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@ilja Faster than light… so if I have a listing with quantity = 1 and it is sold, GS does not relist it again… isn’t it? I will try it asap… thank you so much!!![quote=“ilja, post:12, topic:1807”]
you can pick a group to wich the original, ended listing should be moved during auto-relist

So, just to clarify…

in this case, every time the listing ends, the ended one goes to trash and the new one stay in the same folder?
Excuse me if so many questions but I would like to have all clear in my mind before starting modifying all listing.

Thanks again

i am crossing my fingers that this resolves the duplicate listing problem. i would venture to say the majority of your users are selling unique individual items that have no need to be relisted unless they don’t sell in a 7 or 30 day period. i’ve canceled over 100 items and i was probably charged for the relist by ebay. like the original poster, i tried every iteration of relist settings and had the same result no matter what. ideally, if your item sells, the listing should automatically be moved to a specific folder (i’d default the folder’s name to “Sold”), and if the item does not sell, it gets relisted (as long as garagesale is running). it’s very simple.

what about 5 default folders?

“Unlisted” - listings that you’re currently creating / revising
"Listed"- listings that are currently running on ebay
"Sold" - listings for items that have sold and will not be relisted
"Unsold" - listings for items that were previously for sale that you’d prefer to not sell at the moment
"Trash" - listings that you’d rather delete (auto-empties once a month or so)

anyways, that’s my two cents!


also, why not make the settings easier to understand? “ignore inventory quantity” is not applicable to those who sell one-off individual items. for me, there’s always one of everything. when it sells, it’s done.

what about a setting that reads: “relist item if it does not sell” (for al 3, 5, 7 and 30 day listings)

Setting it up, hoping it works, and appreciating SO much that you were listening and did this. Thank you.

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@secretschools what you said is almost my idea of how this option should work, in particular the suggest of 5 different folders. Well, I should say that you can do this also with smart folders, but as I already said Ilja some months ago, with the new use of GS7 (not the same as GS6 where you could create more listings from just one model), in my opinion there is the need of a sort of “archive” exactly as you suggested. But is should be more automatic, from my point of view… anyway, @ilja thanks again for your fast support, in 30 days I will see if and how it works.

Yes, that’s how it is designed.


Super!! Thank you so much !!!

Yes, if you are selling single items, please leave this box unchecked. The use case for it is very specific:

Let’s say you have an large or unlimited amount of items (because you are manufacturing them, or you are selling digital goods). In that case, you want to relist with the initial quantity, because you don’t care how many items were sold with the original listing.