Urgent re listing items

I have verifed the listings that I wanted to re list and have been limited to re listing 20 items and now when I re list the garage sale launch control has verified the items but the listing button is not lit up to select.
I am using garage sale 7

Did you double the ended listing before re-listing?

I simply re listed item no duplicates not sure what double the ended listing is

I mean, if a listing ends (icon is grey) and you want to manually relist, double the listing with grey icon and try to relist the new one (icon in transparent)… does it work?

I have verified the listings and the option to list the items in the
launch control is not present to list the items

This is what I get after verifying the items

I have checked listing and there is nothing I see what I have done however did verify listing prior and now the re listing function is not available and I can only re list a maximum of 5 items and its a hit and miss has this happened to anybody else

Please give GS 7.0.7 Beta 1 a try, it might cure this problem:

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