Wont import file freezes

I downloaded the new version of garage sale when i import files from the old garage sale when it gets to about 75% download it freezes my computer.
Does that mean i have to get another computer? Or is it something that always happens? I still have 300g of of space on my computer.

Im having so many problems its not funny. Computer has stopped freezing now but I cant get past 80% importing21 am data. This has cost me big time

Yea I know I have so many listings that I couldn’t list to eBay because the error code 10007 and now that I downloading the version 7 it won’t export my listing from 6 to 7. I don’t know what I can do will I be able to export them later on and just start fresh?
So I’m guessing the the program not the computer.
Need help

Can you still open GarageSale 6? If not, than your GS 6 library is probably corrupt. Luckily GarageSale 6 keeps backups of the last 10 versions of your library file around.

I can still open garage sale 6 but I cant upload to ebay it gives me error 10007. I even tried doing 100 listing at a time and nothing will upload. So it looks like I’m going to be taking a lost. I’m going to buy a new computer n download the new version. Can I upload from both computers if I leave garage sale 7 without importing any files and used garage sale 7 on two different computer to the same ebay account?

No need to buy a new computer. We can try converting your GS 6 library, if it keeps failing on your Mac. You’d just need to upload your library to our dropbox.

Where did your purchase your current copy of GarageSale? From the Mac App Store, or directly from us?

I really don’t know I just had to restart the computer i tried one more time to import the files but it froze. Ill have to double check. Is there any way i can talk to you on the phone. I just need to get this sorted out I’m losing so much money its crazy. If i purchase it throughout the app store what do i need to do?
N what if i did it through you guys website?
we are willing to pay to get this fixed and sorted out as soon as possible.
Thank you well message in a couple minutes when the computer brings me back to the home screen

I’m having the exact same problem with garage sale 6 and error code 10007. My system is also freezing 80% of the way and getting the error code “Couldn’t communicate with a helper application”. I down loaded Garage sale 7 on Friday.

I have uninstalled 6 and reinstalled it . I can open it but cant list anything due to error 1007.
So I have TWO problems.
First one is GS 6 second GS 7

It was purchase through the apple app store.

can i still do the dropbox even though it was purchase through mac app store?

Here is what you need to do:

Locate your GarageSale 6 Library

In your account’s home directory (the one with the house icon), go down this path

Library > Containers > com.iwascoding.garagesale > Data > Library > Application Support > GarageSale

(If you don’t see the Library folder in your home directory, you need to make it visible by using the “View” menu > “Show View Options” command.)

Copy and compress library files

From that “GarageSale”-folder, copy these items (if present) into a new folder you created on your Desktop:


Upload library

Name the new folder appropriately, e.g. “GarageSale-6-Library-from-Jandro”, and compress it into a .zip folder (right click on the folder icon).

Go to this webpage and upload your .zip file:

Depending your library size and internet connection, plan in an appropriate amount of time for uploading.

Im not sure if I mucked something up but as I cant get any satisfaction from either version of GS I decided to re- install ( GS7 ) but I accidentally pressed ‘start with new data base’. How do I import from GS 6 as theres no option now?

i don’t have imagelibary i only have image information and auction images i can still go on right

after i complete all the steps what do i do next?

Sorry, my instruction were wrong. We need to AuctionImages directory, not ImageLibrary. Please make sure the AuctionImages directory is included in the zip file.

Nothing. Once the file is uploaded, DropBox sends us an e-mail and we can try importing your GS 6 library here.

sending you a email right know. do i try and download garage sale 7 or just wait for the next step after that?

Where did you sent that e-mail and what was it about?

do i just send it as a message when i click on your name?