Zip Code Changing From Options Tab to Advanced


Before we were able to change the zip code here because it was in its own box, now you have to click on it an it will then take you to the Advanced tab so you can change the zip code. Is there a way to bring back the active text box so the change can be done from the options tab instead of having to click on it and then it goes to advanced tab to make the change?

Just trying to save a few clicks.

The last version used to do this but this new 9.6 changed this feature.

With that said, is here a way to mass change the zip on all listings or highlighted listings instead of doing it one by one? That would also solve this for us as well.


update to 9.6 (1634). You can click right beside the photo and below the price and make your zip corrections and a great new feature they added back in you can click on the weight or package size and change it. It is not in the side bar any more.

See Kristians answer here:

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Starting in February 2024, eBay will use the ZIP code in the listing location field (“Advanced” tab in the Inspector) instead of the “Originating ZIP Code” in the package details settings in GaragSale’s shipping section. That’s why we made these changes. Please make sure your location details contain the correct ZIP code.

Sure, just select all desired listing, then make the changes in the locations settings.


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