Auto Restart problem in GS 7.0.5

Hi! Auto Restart isn’t working properly for me with the new 7.0.5 beta version. Sometimes it works, but most of the time things don’t restart. In my console window I just get a long string of messages saying “skipping auto restart for listing _____________, because auto restart is already pending”. It never ends up listing those items. I’ve switched back to 7.0.4 in the mean time.


do you have an red error icon on the listings that were not restarted like in the screenshot of this post?

Could it be that the delisting returns with an error and the seconds try was skipped because it was already “pending”?


Hello @etb222 maybe is it the same problem?

Yeah, Auto restart quit working for me as well in 7.0.5 but I am not going to complain. At least they are not duplicating like they were in previous versions.

Seems very few of mine are auto-relisting unless I am actually on my computer at the time, not if it is open and I am not around. Could it be some kind of sleep interference?

This would be very very useful :slight_smile:

If your computer is not active when a listing ends, it should auto relist as soon as GarageSale gets active again. If you want your auto-relist to occur as quickly as possible after the auction ends, you should disable sleep in the System’s preferences and always keep GarageSale running.

Mmhhh @ilja do you mean stand-by of computer or something else?

This might vary by the type of your computer, but I guess keeping the “Prevent computer from sleeping automatically when the display is off” is a good idea.


Sorry for taking an eternity to respond! I downloaded the new 7.0.5. Beta 2 which I hoped would fix things, but it happened again this last weekend when my listings ended. It seemed to re-list fine for a little while, and then the identical thing as my initial post on this thread happened with the same “skipping auto restart for listing…” message in the console window over and over again with no successful listing. The listings did NOT have any red exclamation point error under in the auto restart field or anywhere else. They just weren’t re-listing. Had to switch back to 7.0.4 again part way through my day of re-listing to avoid a huge mess. Let me know if there’s any additional info you need that might help and I’ll try to provide it! Thanks

Thank you but it was checked.

I believe this happened: GarageSale quit (or crashed) while the listing was queued to be auto-relisted. So, this state ended up in the database. Since the auto-relist never succeeded, that database state was never reset. Therefore, subsequent attempts to auto-relist the listing also failed.

Here is a list that should address this hypothetical scenario:

We’ll also check if GarageSale displays a warning when you try to quit it while auto-reststarts are queued (which isn’t easy to determine from the user interface).

Ok, I’ll try this version out this weekend. Thanks!

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