Crashing in el capitan

Have Sent Numerous Reports to support in last 24 hours, no response.

Just updated to El Cap and GS is constantly crashing. Takes 2/3 attempts to get a listing to launch. The issue does not seem to stem from one specific action that I can tell.

I am using GS Version 6.9 (603) on a late 2013 Mac Pro.

Looked over previous (locked) thread on the subject but there don’t seem to be answers there other than “work in editor mode”, which I am not savvy enough to do.

After the El Cap update, when I relaunched GS I got a message saying my clock was more than 10 secs out of sync with eBay’s, but my clock appears to be correct (for my timezone anyway).

Not sure if this is related to the crashing or how to fix this clock situation if it is.

From previous thread I’ve downloaded this version of GS (see link below) per the recommendation, but have yet to launch as I’m not sure if its’s an update or the entire program. Concerned it will conflict with existing program / trash my existing templates, etc.

Any help is much appreciated!

Please upgrade to GarageSale 6.9.8b6:

Or, if you are the adventurous type, update to GarageSale 7 Beta right away:

I’m not the adventurous type - last two days were more adventure than I need for a while.

I did the download and put it in my applications but nothing seems to be happening. When I open it, all I get is this graphic.

And why did GS say I was running the latest version every time I checked for updates? Could’ve saved me a lot of grief if I’d known there was another version.

Just read the blue fine print: “To install, drag the GarageSale icon to the Applications folder.”

How did you initially install GarageSale if you never saw this image? If you downloaded GarageSale from the Mac App Store, it’s better you use the Mac App Store to update.

I read the fine print. From the link you posted above, THIS is what downloaded. When I click it to open, I get the graphic.

Am I supposed to drag this newly downloaded file INTO my Garagesale in my Applications, or should I just add it to the Application folder, but not in GS?

Hello? Check the link you provided; what I’m downloading from not only the site (where I originally bought GS) and from the link you provided, is NOT GS. I recognize the icon of the Garage - that is not what I’m getting.

The latest version I’ve been able to download is 6.9.7 from November.

What you download from our site is is a so called “disk image” file (suffixed by .dmg). Think of it as the compressed content of an USB drive. When you double-click it, the disk image gets mounted, which is like inserting an USB drive into your Mac.

After double-clicking the .dmg file, you get a new drive icon on your desktop. Double-click to see what’s on the drive. One of the contained items is the GarageSale application with its “Garage” icon. Drag this to your Applications folder.

The newest version is indeed this one:

You can tell that’s it’s legit, because it’s from the domain.

Hope this helps to clear up the confusion.

Thanks, but there is still a problem. I figured it out the download, and have done as instructed.

when I try to open the program, the program tries to use multiples of the 12GB of memory my computer has; it has topped out at over 75GB, and it crashes everything else while doing it.

This has never happened before and seems to be an issue with GS and El Capitan not getting along and the size of my database.

I’d prefer not to have to delete my database (and my templates) and start over, but I’m afraid that may be what it’s coming to.

Any suggestions?

I tried to update to the latest version through GS itself. GS assured me I had the latest version, but it wasn’t.

I was given a link to download GS 6.9.8b6, which I did. I cannot even open it.

It is trying to use too much memory every time I open it.

Yes, I have shut down and restarted the computer.

I now have two versions of GS on my computer (in different locations). Could that be the cause of the problem?

What now?

Have much free disk space does your Mac have?

It sounds like GarageSale is using a lot of memory (it’s probably truing to convert your library from an earlier version) and is using a lot of memory in the process. If you computer runs out of RAM, your hard drive is used. Your scenario sound as if your hard drive is full and the whatever GarageSale is doing, is stalling.

Thanks! Yes, it IS using a lot of memory - too much memory. More memory than this very efficient computer can handle.

There’s more than 50GB free on the drive, and GS never had a problem loading before.

So what’s my best option here? If I have to delete the library, please tell me how to do it.

I’d love to save my templates but the old sales records, etc, would not be tremendously missed.

That’s probably the source of the problem.

I know you were reluctant to give the GS7 beta a try, but given the situation, I suggest you give it a try. It will try to import your GS 6 library, but the code for doing so is tuned by us. (Whereas in GS 6, there’s is probably some piece of Apple’s CoreData library that’s acting up and eating away all your memory). Here is a post to the latest GS 7 beta version:

Thanks, I’ll consider version 7. Should I delete the existing versions of 6 already on my Mac before installing 7?

Again, I’m not afraid to lose my history so if it’s easier to delete that so version 6 isn’t struggle ing to load all that data (which I don’t really need anymore), I’d try that too but would need direction.


No, you can run both versions, GS 6 and GS 7, side by side.

When launching GS7 for the first time, there’s an option to start with an empty database or import the one from GS6. You can give the “import” option a try, but if it fails or stalls, you can just quit GS7 and choose “the empty library” option on the next run.

Thanks, GS7 has downloaded and launched. I have created a listing without crashing. So far, so good. Thanks!

Prepare yourself for a barrage of feedback on GS7