eBay US "Payment Terms of Use" blocking listings

Around 23 minutes ago, GarageSale started returning a new error with every attempted listing:

You need to accept the new Payment Terms of Use before you can create or revise listings. Please go to https://useragreement.ebay.com/usragmt/agreement/PAYMENTS2_0_USER_AGREEMENT to accept the agreement.

I had seen the link elsewhere, and gone there (in my browser) and agreed to the agreement. However, there doesn’t seem to be any update of my GarageSale API listing ability yet, 20+ minutes later.

Is there something I need to do in addition? I also tried to renew my token, and update account details. No luck there either.

I’m starting to think this might be an API glitch? I realize that the linked user agreement is in fact from… “Posting Date: August 9, 2021.” (according to its own footer)

Also I’ve just checked, and was able to list an item using the horrible eBay web interface as a test. So it’s not an account thing. It must be an API thing of some sort.

I suppose it could be that

  1. the API interface is returning the wrong error messages for other things (unlikely, since this now affects every item I try to list via GS)
  2. the authorization server is broken for API calls on eBay’s side
  3. something in my account is broken for API calls


Is anybody else in the US having this issue today? It will help me debug it I think.

I have been listing fine. North East US

That is sadly not the answer I was hoping for…

So you prefer misery loves company? :wink: No I just am having a few slow server issues but they go after 10-15 seconds

well, “misery loves company” helps me know it ain’t just me, somehow :slight_smile:

Because this is not helping my day. And yes, I ITCrowded it already and no luck.

It has just hit my listing but it is a “yellow !” and I can upload with it

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Hang on, next listing went away. Strange behavior

Yeah for me it was sporadic for about 10 minutes (I am betting it started hitting me at 2pm exactly), and by 30 minutes later it was 100%.

Ugh. Still broken. eBay “support” (via Twitter) has no idea, and suggests the problem must be with the “third-party software” (as if it suddenly broke literally in the middle of launching 100 listings).

I’ve deleted and re-authorized my GS account token, and am still getting the error.

Even if it’s accidental, eBay has successfully gaslighted me into wondering if in fact I have a problem with my payments terms of service or something.

For the folks in Europe:

I’m using GS 8.4.1 on Monterey

I am suddenly wondering, since I actually got through to an account rep at eBay, if maybe the message Im seeing is mis-labeled, and it might be some other error triggering this.

For example, did this happen today by any chance? could it have somehow broken something in my auth?

If it is, I must have something else weird here too, since nobody else has mentioned it.

This looks like a glitch with eBay’s server to me. If it doesn’t stop today, please let us know. Maybe filing a bug with eBay dev support helps.

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I agree that it must be a server-side modification of some sort, but it feels like one of those more complicated bugs from here. The fact that it “came on slowly”, moving from sporadic to 100% like a disease in the middle of an automated listing spree of 200 listings, separated by 5-10 seconds each, is all we really need to see for that.

No change overnight, but it is still 4am in California (if that makes any difference). I’ll give it 24 hours to see if somebody rolls back a change around 2pm local time.

Meanwhile @ilja remind me what logs I should collect or activate to send to you for debugging, if it comes to that? I will have a lot of extra time on my hands today and can get started even if I don’t need to follow through.

update 8:55 am eastern
Started a listing as a test and no notice today 1/25/22

Oh interesting

Just now, seeing your note @rlmartin , I tried launching the 200 listings from yesterday that were all failing.

Now only about 50% 90% of them have the failure notice. That makes me suspect one of the servers is still bad (for me). I’ll see if I can whittle away at the pile by using the scheduler and quickly jamming things through before they get verified…

LOL if this all ends up being caused by some sort of cyber warfare attack on eBay’s serverless farm I am going to be even more tired of the crappy future than I already was.

In any case, maybe if I keep poking it, I can fill up their logfiles and some poor devops person will notice eventually…

Later Out of curiosity, I’ll look to see what I have been able to do, dropping a pile of items into the scheduler with a 0 minute delay, and then trying to quickly enable the block before they get [non-]verified. I’ve tried two in quick succession to see if the error is associated with the particular listing, and it is not. Over the course of the day I will try more samples and see if the fix (or original error) seems to behave differently.

datetime, success_count, fail_count, total_attempted, success_rate
2022-01-25 09:33:47-05:00, 27, 139, 166, 0.15254237
2022-01-25 09:38:17-05:00, 24, 115, 139, 0.17266187
2022-01-25 11:09:58-05:00, 105, 442, 547, 0.19195612
2022-01-25 11:41:48-05:00, 69, 373, 442, 0.1561086

Re-start GarageSale with the Control-Key held down, and enter jqMBau as the logging identifier. This way I see your logs and could forward parts of them to eBay if the situation does not magically improve by itself.

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For me, in the USA, it is just a sporadic “yellow warning” that started yesterday, so I just did a “ignore this warning”.


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that’s what’s weirdest. It popped up as a full red error for me.