New listings still have images with clickable links

am I wrong or the last version should not put images in description with clickable links? This one is the very last I listed this afternoon, I was checking it for other reasons and I noticed that clicking on images still opens a new windows… why???

Thank you

I also don’t understand how to find that window :confused:

It’s under the ‘Listing’ menu - ‘Repair Image Links…’


Thank you Steve! And why does it say this??

It didn’t find any problem listings.

You’re using an old version of the “Pro:Urban” design from the Design Store.

As mentioned numerous times:
If you’re using a design from the Design Store, please update it:
Select “Show Design Templates” (Window menu), click on the cart icon in the toolbar and enter your transaction ID to re-download your design(s).

Regards, Kristian

@kristian , honestly that’s the very first time I hear this…

In fact I did and nothing change… the version is still the 2.0 and the warning still appears…

The latest version of the Pro:urban design is 2.5.
Are you sure the download of the design went through?
Regards, Kristian

@kristian Yes yes, look

What’s wrong?

Today I imported all my listings into I-way and I discovered that ALL my listings use http. But… why?? Shouldn’t the last GS version automatically add https??

Where might one find the “transaction ID”?

“You can find the transaction ID in your e-mail purchase confirmation.”

If you don’t find that mail, just mail the GarageSale support.

Regards, Kristian

No one can explain me why I cannot download the last version of the template and why ALL my listings are still using http, also for those items I have listed using the last GS version, please??

We worked out a few issues in the design updater today. Please give this version a try:

I will try right now

@ilja I have only downloaded, installed and opened the template model window… and it shows version 2.5!! But I did nothing with this new beta, is it normal?

Besides @ilja can you explain me why all my listing, also those created during these days, still have http and clickable images? Shouldn’t be it automatically changed??

There were errors in the code for updating the paid designs up until today. The new build I sent you seems to have fixed those. The older version probably already downloaded the new design, but didn’t update the version number in the design window correctly.

Some links in the description are produced by the code contained in the designs. Old design don’t know about eBay’s new http requirements.

So, unless you were listing or revising your listings with version 2.5 of the Pro:Urban design (which we updated to meet eBay’s new requirements), your listings still contain http images.

GarageSale doesn’t auto-revise you listings when a new version of the used design appears. You might have made changes to a listing on the eBay website, that GarageSale doesn’t know about. These changes would be lost of we would overwrite your listings description automatically.

Hence, you have to follow our instructions here, to make the http images go away:

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Thank you, now it is clear. So I have to revise all listings that I created before the download of version 2.5 of template. Mmmh the relisting with change will fix this or do I have to manually revise?