Start vs Relist Launch Control window opening speed

Select 50 Running Listings
Stop those 50 Running Listings
“Relist” those 50 selected listings
Launch Control window appears immediately, and the Relist button is immediately active
Close Launch Control window
“Start” those 50 selected listings

Get Spinning Beach Ball, and no Progress Indicator, and Launch Control window does not appear for 40 seconds

Activity Viewer window shows nothing
This is very consistent.
The number of listings really doesn’t matter.
Doing a Start takes nearly 1 second for EACH selected listing BEFORE the Launch Control window appears.

While Relist does not take any time at all…

Not sure why a Start requires nearly a full 1 second PER listing???

Can Start do the listing duplication DURING the actual “ebay transaction”, like Relist does???

2 photos of my Start and Relist Launch Control Window Options.

SpinDumps and Samples.

Neal (970.2 KB)
Sample of (181.9 KB)

Is it because “start” includes verification and “re-list” doesn’t? I always prefer Start to Re-list but it is considerable slower.
I know I have said this so many times before but for me, automatic verification is a curse. If I want to verify a listing I can do so manually. Mostly it is not required because a new listing to me is a duplicate listing of an already existing item - which is already verified.

The reason for the delay when starting listings seems to be that GarageSale duplicates those listings in the process of opening the “Launch Control” window. We will have a look if there’s some room for performance improvement in the process.


I looked through the code, and the performance of duplicating items depends largely on the number of smart groups and number of items in your trash. I guess both numbers are rather big for you. :grimacing:

Well… Yes!! :slight_smile:

WOW! 140 Smart Groups!!

114,937 Deleted Listings


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I was getting worried there for a second so I counted my smart groups… 37 but zero in trash so I’m good? Do we need to be limiting smart groups?

Are you saying duplication only occurs with ‘start’ and not re-list?

Duplicating happens for both operations, but a different points in the time. When you select listings, which have already been started, and invoke “Start”, duplicated listings are created upfront before the “Launch Control” window appears.

When you invoke the re-list command, a duplicated listing is created only after the Relist call to the eBay API server has succeeded.

Thanks Ilja. Is that the sole reason that “start” takes so much longer to bring up th Launch Control window?

The performance might be different for each particular user and his/her setup. I’d need to take a look at a “Sample” file for Garagesale created with Activity view when GS bogged down to determine the cause.

For Neal, it was the large number of items in the Trash in combination with a lot of smart groups that brought the performance down. We are working on a fix for that particular scenario…

I will create a dump for you when I return home in just over a week’s time. I generally keep the deleted folder empty but when I start 2000 items, I can expect 2000 new entries in the deleted group.

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I am pleased with the performance of GS whilst I was away from home for 9 days. All my items were stopped as planned 6 hours before they would have been re-listed. GS even survived a power outage.
I now want to take the next step and auto-restart the items. Does Automatic Restart actually “Start” the item as a new item or is it just a “re-list”? I know this has been discussed a few times but I am still trying to get my head around it. The reason it is so important is exactly the same issue that this post has been discussing. If I stop 2000 items and “restart” them, will I get significant delays which will slow down the “stopping” process?

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My reply has to do with relists vs restarts as discussed on the thread " Is there a way to make the auto restarts actually starts and not relists?". For the last 10 days I have been manually ending and restarting my listings. There has been an improvement in views but NOT sales. I will continue to manually restart vs relist to see if there is any changes in sales for a longer sample period than 10 days. I cant speak to delays in the stopping process. I am not sure what the slowdown would effect since GS stops listings in batches of 10 so 2000 would take some time likely about 16 minutes assuming 5 seconds per 10 listings x 200 batches.

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My views are up quite a bit since I have been starting instead of relisting. However, that has not helped my sales conversion rate. My sales are way off.

I have found that the biggest driver of sales is the penalty ebay imposes on your listings if the seller is NOT using “free returns”. My sales fell off the cliff, 50% + down, when I removed free returns. The day I put free returns back on my sales went up dramatically but not the same level because I left free returns off heavier and more expensive items.

I was wondering if Ilja or Kristian would advise on this for me, please.
I need an answer before I modify the attributes of 40,000 listings.
‘If I stop 2000 items, (say 6 hours before they are due to end), then “auto restart” them, will I get significant delays which will slow down the “stopping” process?’. Is restart a ‘start’ or a ‘re-list’ or neither?

I can’t answer your question regarding the “delays”, unfortunately.

As far as I can tell, this is how it works:

If you auto-cancel a running listing which has the auto-restart feature already enabled, GarageSale will relist that listing.

@ilja Please correct me if I am wrong.

I thought it should so I tried one listing. I set the restart and ended it by hand, 1 1/2 hours later and it didn’t restart so I restarted manually. (I think this is what David was asking). As far as the slowness, GS takes its time ending them in batches of 10 at a time. So if you end 2000 it will be slow, since as my test showed me, GS wont restart or relist a stopped listing. That is good idea because I sometimes have ended listings with the restart set and don’t want GS to restart until I want the listing restarted.

I think that is the intended behavior. The help says:

If you manually stop listing from within GarageSale, the automatic restart option will be disabled.

Source: Relisting Listings

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That is good idea because I sometimes have ended listings with the restart set and don’t want GS to restart until I want the listing restarted.