Turbo Lister shipping / return policy

My TurboLister shipping / return policy are not working working on GarageSale. We get the error codes 717 & 21919152
Is there a easier way on GarageSale to add or change shipping size and weight on each item when you add them like TurboLister.

Could you please post screen shots of the error messages you are getting.

Also, have you looked at these posts:

We are still not able to use GarageSale to list on eBay. Do you have an answer for us? Your shipping is not working

I’m still trying and I still get the codes

Okay, there are two things you are missing.

  1. You have to select payment, shipping, and return policies inside GarageSale. There is a small circular button with three dots next to each of these tree section. Click these buttons to choose a policy for the respective area. Alternatively, don’t use any of these profiles at all and specify all values completely in GarageSale.

  2. You need to download the GarageSale preview version from this post in order to use shipping profiles and specify weights in GarageSale:

Hope this helps.

Thank you, the GarageSale 6.9.8 Beta fixed all the codes and shipping is much better.

Thank you again