Disappearing listings

Hi Everyone,

I return after finally re-building my database (4 months later)… However, I still have issues.

Has anyone else experienced listings that disappear? They were there, then, poof gone? They aren’t deleted, are still listed on Ebay but don’t show up in the GS search? My database is around 11,000 listings so it is usually not obvious when it happens but has happened twice while I was looking. I have lost at least a couple dozen like this but there is no way of knowing exactly how many.

Am I the only one?

I should note, that even weirder, sometimes it will show up in the GS search but does not appear in the listings. If I find it in the search, select it to see where it is, close search, it will just go to the top of the list and can’t find the listing anymore.



Hello Tracy!
Sure I had this problem a few times during last 2-3 weeks. To be honest, I never had this since some previous version of GS, so I think it is a quite new bug. I was waiting before reporting it because it is extremely mysterious and I cannot be very objective…
My situation is extremely similar to yours but happens after a relisting of many listings. In particular, after that specific item has been relisted, its GS listing is no longer visible. If I go through folders, I cannot find it (except the expired one which has been moved not to the trash but above it), nothing of the active one. Strangest thing, the listing has been relisted and is active in eBay!! If I use the search tool in GS, I find the expired listing + another one. What’s really strange is that the other listing that I find using search tool is completely empty! I mean, no title, no design, no description, nothing inside… but the search tool finds it as it contains some key word… I am waiting it happens again so I will upload some screenshot since I understand it sounds crazy…
Unfortunately I cannot provide more details until now, but you are not the only one who cannot find listing in GS which actually are active in eBay…

Yes, scanning my list, there are significant numbers missing, more than I had expected, that were all just re-done. Some of them were never listed so it is not necessarily associated with re-listing.

This is a serious problem.

I am also having this problem of disappearing listings. A listing will be in the ‘Unsold’ folder in eBay, but not in the relevant folder in GarageSale. And like Tracy has said, I can also find a previous version of the listing if I use GarageSale’s search tool, but there is no information as to where this listing is.
I have resorted to copying all the text information from the eBay unsold listing into a Word document, with the plan to rephotograph and recreate the listing in GarageSale. However as this affects around 50 items, this is a serious investment in time which really shouldn’t be necessary.
Thank you for bringing this matter to the forum, Tracy.

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Thanks both of you, it is great to know it is not just me. I also know that this is not a recent phenomenon knowing how many were missing when I reconstructed my database, comparing my ebay lists and my inventory. Many of the other problems are frustrating but this one is crucial. You can’t run a business thinking your items are for sale when they are hiding on a shelf.

Serena, can I ask how many listings you have? Wondering if it has anything to do with high numbers that the program can’t handle? I know Federico has a lot.

I even upgraded my computer to super-powered hoping it would solve the issue but it didn’t.

I’ll chime in that I’ve also had this happen randomly too. Search for a listing in a the search bar (since I can’t find it in the folder I thought it should be)…select the listing…then close the search and instead of the selected listing remaining selected and showing – it’s gone! Can’t find it anywhere, only visible in search. I’m too busy and it’s too random for me to have said anything until now. Hope GS can solve this mystery bug!

I was able to reproduce this issue (only) with listings which are located in the trash bin. Could you please double-check this?

Regards, Kristian


as we currently can not reproduce the issue here I will build a special build that should move the “lost” items into the root group, once you select it in the search result.

More info on these lost items would be helpful, too.

  • Where they moved into other groups before (manually or automatically after realist etc.)?
  • Did you move them as single listings or within a group that you moved?
  • Did GarageSale crash (often) with the possible result of a corrupted database?



here is a special version:


This version adds a “lost” listing in the search result to the root group. This will be done as soon as you select this listing. An alert will pop up whenever one or more “lost” listings where found and repaired.

Please tell me whether this works for you and the listings are available again in the hierarchy.


Sorry for not replying sooner. I’ve got around 4,500 live listings, and around 7,500 listings in total. I mainly sell vintage magazines, so keep all old listings for the times when I obtain a new collection of magazines that I may have listed in the past.
Hope this problem is resolved soon!
Best wishes,

My program does crash often and I worked extensively with Ilja to try and repair my old corrupted database but was unable. My current one is all new but still crashing and things are going missing.

As mentioned, it has happened twice right while I was looking at it but not doing anything. I was comparing it to a printed list and and items just “left” the list. They were not searchable afterwards.

Having the missing items show up in a search is much rarer than items just disappearing.

I have re-done 12,000 listings in the last few months, with a new program, even new computer and ones that were recently done and still active on Ebay are not there.

I have an idea as to the cause of some (but not all) of the disappearing items.

When you re-list and select the folder to ‘move original listing to deleted items’ (very useful), then if you Start Listing and don’t uncheck that, your new listing will move to deleted items.

If you don’t notice and empty your trash, your active listing will go out with it.

Would be helpful if that wouldn’t happen at all, but also useful if it were made that you can’t delete an active listing.

I noticed this, what about adding a sort of warning when you empty the trash and there are active listings inside?

I wasn’t able to reproduce the issue with a listing in the trash bin: I searched for a listing that I knew was in the closed trash bin. I then selected the listing and closed the search. It automatically expanded the trash bin and showed the listing I searched for without issue. So that doesn’t seem to be the problem.

I don’t remember which listings I had “lost” before, so I can’t reproduce it now. But I will pay close attention if this happens again and write down the listing name and report it with any info about it that might be relevant.

Hi there,
I have just found one!!! Look…
Someone purchased a postcard and in order section the listing has no image:

If I look for that listing I find nothing at all!!!

The listing is disappeared… what can I do??
Looking in eBay the listing seems to be started on the 23th of April, but I have no listing at all in GS :anguished:

Did you already try the special version in Paul’s post above?

Regards, Kristian

I have just downloaded it. For now, the listing is still missing, I don’t find it both in order section (no image) and using search engine…


we have to distinguish between items that disappear from the trash/deleted items group and that disappear “abnormally” from the regular group.

When you move listing to the trash, I do not see a reason why we should warn the user again. There is already a warning that all listings are erased and that this can not be undone. Whenever listings disappear from trash when you erase the trash this is a normal behaviour.

Please do not mix up this with listings that disappear from a regular group. Can someone here confirm that the later case happens? Suddenly disappearing listings? Then please try to explain us how we can reproduce this issue.

The special version above only helps if you can find the listing by the search function in GarageSale. Whenever a listing is selected in the search result that is missing in the outline view, a warning pops up and the listing is moved in the root group.


Please do not mix up this with listings that disappear from a regular group. Can someone here confirm that the later case happens? Suddenly disappearing listings? Then please try to explain us how we can reproduce this issue.

This is not reproducible, I don’t think, because they just disappear. As said previously, I have happened to be looking at the screen twice and seen listings there and then gone. I was not doing anything but comparing lists at the time

When you move listing to the trash, I do not see a reason why we should warn the user again.

I think the point here is why do newly started listings move themselves to the trash without the user knowing? (See: Why does leaving the “move original to deleted items” checked after re-listing move newly active items to deleted?).

The search factor is a strange curiosity but I think the fact that the listings are gone in the first place is the important issue.

Every few days I go down my list adding things to existing listings. Every time I find more that are gone and some of the missing have never even been active. I am talking a dozen or more each time, so only about .001% but 12 a couple times a week adds up to thousands a year.

By the way, this was happening long before I lost everything in January. On reconstruction I found literally thousands of items in my inventory that were created years ago then forgotten by GS.

Our company also has items that stay active in eBay, while they disappear from GS. It is a huge problem for us, because if we do not have that item, and a customer buys it, we have to let them know we cannot sell it to them, and that is really upsetting for us and our customers.

We sell 1,678 items, so it is possible that the large number of items is part of the problem.

Thanks for bringing this to the forum. I really hope it gets fixed soon.